Web Design Agency Mars Rouge : from Mulhouse to Basel

Web agency Mars Rouge : from Mulhouse, France to Basel, Switzerland. Mars Rouge is a leading digital communications agency.

Mars Rouge : from Mulhouse to Basel

Web Design Agency Mars Rouge : from Mulhouse to Basel

What is the formula for a business to be considered successful, so that its positive experience can be repeated with equal or greater magnitude outside its initial boundaries?

There are many cases that could account for this, but Mars Rouge is the subject that concerns us today. A digital agency founded by the SEO consultant Julien Di Giusto and located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with presence in Mulhouse, Alsace France. A region located in a border region between Belfort, Basel, Strasbourg and Freiburg im Breisgau.

Since 2012 it is operational, offering quality work to all companies and independent contractors. Mars Rouge is a leading digital communications and advertising agency with a broad portfolio of projects that includes more than 400 projects that have proudly carried the Mars Rouge signature.

Mars Rouge’s presence outside Swiss territory was made possible by the quality of its initial projects. The web agency was able to build an excellent reputation that as a result allowed its contracts to go beyond the original borders.

In a time when the digital boom is reaching its highest levels, with the expansion of offshore companies eager for an efficient strategy to reach the top; as well as traditional companies struggling to make their way in this field; Mars Rouge represents a safe and reliable option to achieve success.

The competition in the field is enormous, on both sides. Advertising, marketing and communication agencies that in a specialized way provide timely advice in each of their areas; companies and businesses needing to create their websites and establish strategies that allow them to be visible to potential customers.

Hiring their services, your company will be able to obtain an answer to each of your requirements; whether it is the design of a web page or you need to establish a media strategy for your company that merits the design of an informative website.

Mars Rouge has all the qualifications to help you with that and more. Your projects in the hands of the professionals of this web agency, will manage to stand out, they will manage to consolidate between the public and the most important thing: they will manage to harvest the wished success.

Still not decided on what to do to improve your business? In Mars Rouge they will provide you with all the advice, drawing the best strategy plan for your company.

Mars Rouge : from Mulhouse to Basel

Mars Rouge: Quality and efficiency from Mulhouse, France to Basel, Switzerland

Quality distinguishes each of the projects developed by this web agency formed by professionals

with proven experience. The effectiveness of the decisions taken as part of the strategies has been supported by satisfied customers for the excellent results.

The awards and recognitions obtained by some of the contracting companies thanks to the work in partnership are one of the greatest strengths of Mars Rouge as a creative agency.

The main task of Mars Rouge is to provide all the support and advice to its clients to achieve the construction of a communicational dynamic that is consistent; keeping all its institutional identity. The main goal will always be to help clients locate their companies in the main places.

If the intention is to make them visible to consumers, efforts must be focused on achieving the goal; whether through search engine optimization, creative direction of a campaign, or content marketing development. Mars Rouge is well qualified to achieve any of these objectives.

Mars Rouge is the communication and advertising agency that offers its clients a unique creation for each of their projects, capable of standing out for its originality. It operates in Mulhouse, Colmart, Belfort and Strasbourg, specializing in brand design and visual identity creation.

Mars Rouge will help your company to start any project that includes the creation or refreshing of logos; will support and advise you in the development of your website, and will perfect its positioning and SEO reference. In the same way, it will provide advice on your communication strategies, in terms of press.

Mars Rouge can help you with the custom design of brochures, stationery, business cards, among others.

Mars Rouge offers you: Consulting and strategy, illustrations, SEO editing, content marketing, search engine optimization, corporate films, voice off. For more information visit their website http://www.marsrouge.ch

Mars Rouge : from Mulhouse to Basel

Mars Rouge and your company

This full service digital agency will help your company to be visible on the web search engines. As we know being visible on Google is an ambition that every successful entrepreneur wants to achieve. Mars Rouge supports you with a trained staff to achieve this positioning with a fully efficient SEO strategy.

Mars Rouge can also help you achieve digital transformation through the application of UX and UI design. You will get the best website to capture the attention of potential customers. Creativity, ease of use, quick access and optimal visualization are some of its strongest features.

With Mars Rouge e-commerce or storefront websites, you have their functionality guaranteed. Developed in open source and for SEO optimization, the websites created by Mars Rouge has respond to the needs of all users, whether they are large companies; SMEs or communities, the Mars Rouge has approach is to offer an optimal web experience.

Mars Rouge is the ideal place for the creation and design of your logos. This agency will help you boost your brand and create your company’s visual identity, with an approach that respects your initial concept.

Using Mars Rouge you can be sure that you will find in one place the answers to your company’s different needs in marketing and advertising as well as communication.

The empathy of each of the professionals of this digital agency that has succeeded in both Switzerland and France; the respectful treatment towards customers and the respectful way of following each idea; has made Mars Rouge a unique and different agency.

The efforts beyond changing or “annihilating” the client’s original idea, consists in enriching it with all the tools available to them, until it is perfected. At Mars Rouge every idea is treated with as much care and dedication as if it were a rough diamond.

The excellent results in Mars Rouge are measured according to the achievements obtained by the companies through the new experience provided. Every recognition, every new client, every new positioning is also an achievement for Mars Rouge.

Mars Rouge is the ideal place to commission your graphic design arts, to get the best advice in the conception of your website; and to achieve better strategies to bring your press relations to life.

Do you need to turn around your restaurant’s image? Mars Rouge is waiting to lend you a hand. Their attention has been extended to all kinds of businesses in the same excellent results.

Mars Rouge guarantees the best results in all areas of business, with logo creation, e-commerce development, digital strategy services, website construction, marketing strategies and social media development. Corporate identity is the spirit that guides much of the process.

Mars Rouge : from Mulhouse to Basel

Experience : Nathan Publishing

The achievement of Mars Rouge has extended too many different areas. Proof of the tenacity of the work developed in this digital agency, is the experience achieved with Nathan Publishing, a publishing house founded in 1881, which chose a Mars Rouge material to integrate it into a textbook for students in last year.

This full-page work explored the visual identity developed for ASAD, a home care association located in Colmar. The material was intended to raise student’s awareness of good communication.

Thanks to this particular work, Mars Rouge gained important recognition, through a national communication award.

Experience : Sunflower pool

The Aquarin nautical complex is born to replace the sunflower pool, which is more than 30 years old. The complex has 3,000 m² with three indoor pools: one for swimming, one for recreation and one for children.

In the process, the services of the Mars Rouge agency were hired to take care of the graphic design and visual identity.

The location of the complex inspired the name. The creation of the typography is a Mars Rouge creation, as well as the sober style logo.

Due to the geographic positioning, only 500 meters away from Germany, the agency had to develop a bilingual website. The whole website design was oriented to satisfy the users’ needs. In this sense, a weather module was incorporated since the complex as such has open areas.

Mars Rouge is the digital communication and advertising agency founded by Julien Di Giusto; it stands out for its care about every detail. Mars Rouge is involved with every process to guarantee results that optimize the operation of the business in all areas.

This speaks to the commitment and mystique of work. For Mars Rougue his project is the most important thing. The advice in each communication strategy is the particular brand of Mars Rouge, as well as the creativity with which they drive each project.

Their branding services, brand strategy and brand messaging also have great recognition. From Switzerland to France, Mars Rouge is the best agency for you and your business.

Those who want to achieve maximum results know that they will find in Mars Rouge the ideal agency. Its professionals will offer you any guidance you need to develop the creative concept of your company. Mars Rouge will help you to materialize your proposal in a tangible and successful way.

For contact, please visit the following address: http://www.marsrouge.ch