New Video By GoodLook “Rich Dance”

Folks love waving those racks: money, status, zero fucks given. All that’s been missing is a soundtrack for the act. Good news: Cincinnati’s GoodLook is looking out for all of us who are fanning out those stacks and dropping “Rich Dance” just for us. He’s here to kick the door down for his hometown and get his city in the game. He started young, elementary school to be exact, and cut his teeth performing at talent shows with like-minded groups, already with an eye toward which crew fit his style and flow best. Raised on Lil Bow Wow, 2Chainz, and Lil Wayne and the Cash Money Brothers, GoodLook wanted to be the next young’ un going toe to toe with the big dogs. “Rich Dance,” his first single, has the beats and the bars to put him on the map.

Made for all kinds of clubs, “Rich Dance” announces its arrival with a deep, underground-shaking bump. Play it too loud, and you might get turnt just from the sound of it. The bounce, courtesy of producer Tight aka TightGoinCrazy, sets the stage for GoodLook’s flow, which is pure energy. He drops verses that sound like the young buck who’s here to crash the party, with all the bravado of a seasoned veteran who paid for the party. And there’s no list; anyone can do The Rich Dance, so everyone’s invited. No matter who you are, how you make that money, how much you have, or where you’re getting wild tonight – let’s all get ’em up.

Is this your first time waving them racks? Or do you need a refresher on how to put some flavor into it? Professor GoodLooks is here, and class is in session; please take out your cash cannons (you have to see these cash cannons). He plays a fly-ass, 2-stepping teacher showing folks the ropes. There’s no need to take notes; there’s nothing to learn aside from making that fan. Do your own dance, do your thing, let your swag be your guide. Throw the clip on before you head out for the night. Part tutorial, part energy boost, “Rich Dance” is just the beginning for this indie rapper who’s already thinking bigger than most.