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Lone Kodiak Releases Nostalgic New Single “Bones”

The indie-rock trio, composed of Dainéal Parker, Daniel Alden, and Joshua Harris, displays undeniable electric energy that seeps into the song. The somber track, penned by lead singer Dainéal Parker, illustrates a touching, vivid message of life’s fleeting nature. Producer Kyle Mangels perfectly captures the essence of the lyrics and accompanies the vocals with vibrant production. “Bones” prompts listeners to reflect on the finite nature of life and revel in the present moment. With poignant lyrics and layered vocals, it’s clear that Lone Kodiak is making an impact by intimate storytelling sure to bring listeners on an emotional journey. Parker explains that the process of writing this track was just as mesmerizing as the song itself. “‘Bones’ was a happy, happy accident. We were experimenting with intros for our live set; we took one of our previous songs, slowed it down, and reversed it (which is what you’ll hear at the beginning),” Parker explains. “We were totally captivated by this melody we kept hearing, and two hours later, we had a new song. I think our best songs are ones that just kind of come together naturally without a ton of interference from us.” “Bones” delivers an emotional and intimate impact that will leave listeners wanting more.

Liberty Releases Music Video For Debut Single “Tattoo”

“Tattoo,” immediately leaves a mark as breathy verses coast over a skittering beat as the track builds towards an evocative chorus. The single details Liberty’s move from California to Dallas after her acceptance into Septien Entertainment Group and her experience of going from childhood to adulthood so quickly while enduring the judgements she faced from others for pursuing her dreams. At this veritable creative boot camp whose alumni includes Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, and more, Liberty spent nine hours a day on sessions, lessons, and rehearsing. Hyper-focused on her artistry, she impressed vocal coach Remington Rafael so much that he agreed to produce her first two singles.

Signals Of Bedlam Release Furious Heavy Prog Single “Take The Crown”

NYC-based heavy prog group Signals Of Bedlam return today with furiously-angry new single “Take The Crown”. A track that sporadically and frantically shits restlessly throughout it’s four minutes and forty seconds. “Take The Crown” finds Signals Of Bedlam back in full force with howling discordant guitar lines, rumbling low end, and frenetic drumming. Cero Cartero’s vocals which are more vital than ever; running the gamut from hushed sneer to frustrated howl.

Boys of Fall New Single “Worth It”

Detroit quintet Boys Of Fall will be releasing their label sophomore album “Distance” via InVogue Records on November 20, 2020. The album will feature 10 new songs that will catch your attention from the first note.

To date, BOF has released 3 singles from the upcoming album (“Overthinking”, “Distance”, & “Midnight”), and today they have dropped the last single, “Worth It”, ahead of the album release.

Producer and multi-instrumentalist cktrl shares beautiful new track + visual for ‘robyn’

Admired on the alternative London club scene, cktrl has blossomed into a sought-after musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist with a steady flow of exceptional projects (The Guardian cited his ‘Indi’ mixtape as an album of the year in 2017). Latest release ‘Robyn’ is the first introduction to cktrl’s new EP – a vital exploration of contemporary classical from the black perspective – spurred on by the overpowering feelings of heartbreak. ‘Robyn’ is an impressive first offering as he creates emotive and heartfelt clarinet-led soundscapes about the all-consuming power of love. Speaking on the track, cktrl says: “‘Robyn’ at its core is heartbreak and is just really sentimental. It’s a journey of losing a love but it ends with optimism as you find strength to love again.”

ABOVE SNAKES Enter Next Chapter With New Single + Animated Visualizer, “Never Alone”

After months of anticipation built upon the success of their debut single “Adrenaline”, Boston, MA active rock band ABOVE SNAKES are back with their new single “Never Alone”, alongside an animated visualizer.

Emerging Tamil-Swiss artist Priya Ragu shares Joe Goddard remix of “Good Love 2.0”

Goddard, whose multi-faceted credits include remixes for the likes of Dua Lipa and Robyn, reinvents the track as house-tinged electro-pop with Priya’s vocals at the center. Goddard said: “It was really fun to work on and I’m expecting more amazing stuff from her.”

Produced by and written with Priya’s brother, Japhna Gold, “Good Love 2.0” unites Priya’s love of R&B with her Sri Lankan heritage, incorporating textures from traditional South Indian instrumentation and inspiration from legendary composers of Indian cinema such as A.R. Rahman, Ilaiyaraaja and Deva. The track projects her idea of an idealistic first love, one that she says is, “Beyond religion, beyond caste, beyond colour. It’s the feeling nothing can tear you apart because it’s so strong.”

Nashville Rockers LONELYOUTH Release Hard-Hitting New Track “In The Deep”

Of the new single, guitarist Josh Dawn says, “In the Deep” brings to mind the sweat and blood covered basement show where you get punched in the face with rhythms and melodies big enough to get an arena airborne. This song rattles your bones and peaks those adrenaline levels. If you have no fear of your blood vessels bursting go ahead and spin it.”

Peeling Return With “Ego Death” Single + Video via Newly-Formed Labyrinth Records

Post-punk project Peeling return with darkly poetic new single “Ego Death” and announce debut album release, Worshipper. “Ego Death” is a reflection on self-importance that backs songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Timoshenko’s hazy vocals against a swirling wall of textural feedback and the crisp drum beat of Michael Wallace (Preoccupations). The “Ego Death” single is accompanied by a whimsical visual that highlights the song’s lesson to not take oneself too seriously. Timoshenko explains, “There are way more crucial things to care about in the world than what people think of you. It’s a reminder not to let your pride or the fear of ridicule get in the way”. “Ego Death” serves as a fittingly thoughtful prelude to Worshipper, which is Peeling’s first release since the 2017 EP, 7 Years Of Blood (Buzz Records).

Singer-Songwriter Ryland Moranz Announces Release Of New Album >> New Single IF I HAD WINGS Out Today!

The video for ‘If I Had Wings’ features Ryland flying a plane which is apt given the name of the song, and it plays into the song’s theme – the exploration of the soul and the pursuit of happiness. Ryland developed a love for aviation at a very early age, through his grandfather, who was a recreational pilot and would pick him up at his local airfield. By the time he was 14, he was a technically proficient (but unlicensed) pilot. Ryland did his pilot training in Lethbridge, Alberta – the windiest city in western Canada – where he still flies from today.

BLEED THE SKY Release New Single “The Devil Will See You Now (TDWSYN)”

“The Devil Will See You Now” has been through the ringer. This song was written, scrapped, re-written, scrapped again, put on the shelf for months, then finally revisited, reconstructed, re-recorded and now ready for release! We poured our highest levels of aggressive songwriting into this one, and loved every second of it. Lyrically, this song is a very deliberate stand against anyone who has ever harmed an innocent. There is a special place in hell for anyone who preys on the young, and it especially strikes a nerve with us when predators are people of [faith]” says the band.

Like A Motorcycle LP + Video

Since their 2016 debut, High Hopes, the band have navigated substance abuse, internal break-ups, health issues, and a former record label that nearly tanked them. They overcame and sacrificed a lot to make Dead Broke – even selling their long-time van (and fifth member) Herb.

THE FIVE HUNDRED Share New Single + Music Video for “The Rising Tide”

2020. The year people are literally dying to forget. But as humanity struggles to cope with the effects of this pandemic, the fact remains that we’re teetering upon the precipice of something far, far worse. Never a band to shy away from the inconvenient truth, “The Rising Tide” is the second single to be released from The Five Hundred’s upcoming sophomore album, via Long Branch Records. And as this sonic monster-in-the-making begins its long sweep towards our proverbial ragged shores, guitarist Mark Byrne is ready to drag the waters – and reveal the inspiration behind the track.


Multi-platinum Swedish production duo NOTD and the anonymous Catello have teamed up for a brand new single, titled “Nobody.” Nobody marks NOTD’s return to dance pop prominence, following their 2019 smash hit “So Close,” featuring Georgia Ku (400 Million global streams) which was the #1 most played song on dance radio in 2019 and earned a nomination for Best Dance Song at the 2020 iHeart Radio Music Awards. The fusion of old school nocturnal pop and future house influences sets this track apart as it opens with a pulsating bass line and swells of neon synths from NOTD that build to a high energy drop driven by the deep vocal hook, “Nobody’s gonna love me like you”. Catello’s darker influence is present throughout and opens the door to a new side of NOTD.

Songstress Sam Corlett, releases “Under Color” single, announces new album

Sam Corlett, Columbus-based singer/song sculptress, releases her “Under Color” single today. “Under Color” was recorded by Keith Hanlon at Musicol recording studio in her hometown of Columbus.

This is the first single from her first solo album, Chariot in Reverse, to be released in 2021. Sam is recommended for fans of Sharon Van Etten, David Byrne, Björk, Stephen Malkmus, and Ella Fitzgerald

Ra Releases New Single “Intercorrupted” + Watch Official Music Video

Ra released their new single titled “Intercorrupted” along with an accompanying video today. The single will be on the band’s upcoming album, also titled Intercorrupted that will come out via Wake Up! Music Rocks on March 19, 2021.

Devil’s Dildo (mem. Soakie) announces debut album for Muddguts Records + shares new video

Devil’s Dildo, a New York City based two-piece, will release their debut album …Makes Me Cum! via Muddguts Records on November 20th.

Composed of unrelenting drum-machine beats, cut-throat bass tones, and distorted vocals, the duo makes music for the maniacally minded. Dressed as satanic twins, Devil’s Dildo combines the worlds of horror, drag, and punk.

DIAMOND HEAD Releases Second Single, “Am I Evil?,”

As the fortieth anniversary of DIAMOND HEAD’s Lightning To The Nations loomed, the album’s resonance and importance have long been established. A celebration was in order. Thus in 2019, drummer Karl Wilcox devised an idea and pitched it to Adam Parsons (Siren Management): to re-record the whole album with the band’s current lineup and bring the songs into the twenty-first century. The result — Lightning To The Nations 2020 — is quite simply, a scintillating shot of fresh metal vigor, with DIAMOND HEAD utilizing all their skill, experience, and revitalized energy and breathing so much new life into these freshly recorded takes, it feels like experiencing the earth shaking all over again. Lightning To The Nations 2020 is set for release via Silver Lining Music on November 27th.

Video: GangaLee – Follow Me Now

Tampa based rapper GangaLee drops the music video to her single “Follow Me Now”, off her latest EP “La Esmerelda”, available on all digital streaming outlets.

Americana singer-songwriter, Sweetlove, premieres new single with Glide Magazine

“‘Devil On Your Shoulder’ is about being brave, and free, and truly yourself,” Sweetlove says. “It’s the happiest song on the new record, but it’s also informed by great loss, and how that loss sweeps away all of the things that don’t matter anymore, which gives you a strange new freedom.” She continues, “When you lose someone you love, the best way you can honor their memory is to go out and live the life you always wanted… and ‘Devil On Your Shoulder’ tells you to embrace that messy gift of life, while you are lucky enough to have it.”

Lost At Sea Release Debut Single, “On My Own”

When discussing the meaning behind “On My Own”, vocalist and guitarist Aaron Gonzaleaz stated, “This song is about accepting how quickly and violently life can change. You either hold on tight or get left behind.” The track is the first off the band’s upcoming LP, Motion Sickness, which is set to be released early next year.

Track Premiere: Lost At Sea – ‘On My Own’

breathe. share new single “Home” with stunning visual

Sydney’s breathe. today share their latest single, “Home.” With ghostly vocals and a grainy backbeat, “Home” is a black-and-blue version of breathe.’s signature bruised, late-night soul,. The accompanying music video once again sees the duo apply their penchant for cinematic visuals to create an ephemeral, multi-platform world for their music to live.

Mear – Soft Chains

The lyrics are inspired in part by the torch song “As Long as He Needs Me” from the musical Oliver! As a kid I didn’t understand how Nancy could sing something so beautiful about her horrible boyfriend… I spent a lot of time thinking about it and it made me really angry and confused. As you get older you come to realize that things are often so much more complicated than a song in a musical might let on.

Blanke Puts a Powerful Spin on GG Magree’s “Nervous Habits (feat. Joey Fleming)”

Drawing inspiration from electro-house and mid-tempo bass, Australian producer Blanke is a master of synthesizing sounds old and new. His unique remixes of tracks such as Steve Aoki’s “Pretender (feat. Lil Yachty & AJR)” and PNAU’s “Changa” have received international attention and acclaim, with the latter racking up over 13 million Spotify streams. This year Blanke has kept the momentum up, releasing four brand new remixes, as well as his Change & Decay: The Fall EP, described by CULTR as “23 minutes of insanity you do not want to miss.”


Saint Bodhi is a chameleon. Having absorbed sounds from her native Los Angeles as well as Atlanta and New York, the singer/songwriter’s unmatched malleability has made her an essential piece to the behind-the-scenes of several blockbuster albums. Now 28 years old with a star-studded resume to her name, however, Bodhi is ready to pivot from songwriting into a solo career of her own.

Palate-Pleasing Pop Duo JUICYPEAR Drop Funky, Breezy New Single “Caught Up”

California-based pop duo JUICYPEAR have been dishing up their tasty tunes throughout the second half of 2020, and it is no surprise that music fans are enthusiastically eating them up.

In August, the band, comprised of Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda, left us hungry for more after releasing their lauded debut single, “Golden Sky,” which Wolf in a Suit called “a catchy and playful musical gem.” Then, in September, JUICYPEAR released their sophomore single, “Rollercoaster,” as well as its accompanying video. The Deli Magazine raved, “the glossy new track uses its sexy rhythm (fat bass) and melting electric guitar chords to usher one dance-pop hook after the other.”


Los Angeles rock vixen Jesse Jo Stark released the music video for her single “Die Young” today, premiering exclusively on TMRW. Directed by artist Daniel Regan, the video is a visual metaphor for Jesse Jo’s song, taking the viewer through the cycles of love and loss, rebirths and passings, the feelings of vulnerability and hardships a woman faces as she makes her way through challenges in her life.

Ane Brun ‘After The Great Storm’ LP out today via Balloon Ranger Records, first in series of two LPs

Brun explains of the album’s title track, “the feeling that can come after a great ordeal, when everything is over and you almost reach a state of euphoria and lightness. It’s like what people describe when they’ve had a near death experience, or an epiphany: the feeling of being part of a bigger universe.”