David Arn feat. Ava Hart Presents “Mother’s Day – The Mother’s Tale”

The gorgeous exploration of a day in the life David Arn finds the poetry of the everyday in “Mother’s Day – The Mother’s Tale (feat. Ava Hart)”. Fragile with its delicate melody, the way the beauty is brought out happens with the utmost of care. Classical and folk intermingle in a dreamy way. Guitar and strings help to give it a meditative reflective quality. Right in the very center of it all from which all else flows are the quiet power of Ava Hart’s voice. She sings with determination. A crystal clarity to her delivery becomes a work of art in and of itself. Playing here is understated yet strangely welcoming as it all has so much dreaminess to it.

Hushed whispers introduce the piece with the few guitar phrases feeling fantastic. Upon the inclusion of her voice the track blooms in a wonderful way. So much color filters into the tremendous mix making sure that the piece grows and grows in unexpectedly sweet ways. Vocals and the guitar merge together to create their own world. The sheer scope of the piece reveals what it means to be alive, to care about others, and to wonder about they care they themselves require. When the violin enters the song has a geometric quality to it, for the violin nicely matches the tenor of her voice.

Delicate arrangements wrap themselves around the listener with David Arn’s “Mother’s Day – The Mother’s Tale (feat. Ava Hart)”.