Sugarcane Jane Timely Video For “Waking Up America”

Sugarcane Jane’s “Waking Up America” deserves to be played as loudly as possible for it roars through with sheer force. Keepings things to the absolute essentials they power on through with infectious, gritty riffs. During certain moments they tap into the classic cool of the White Stripes in terms of pure intensity. A careful mixture of garage rock, southern rock, with just the right hint of country, the piece is a beast. Vocals are shouted out with the rhythms opting for a loose yet driving quality. Everything about the track stuns from the sheer volume of the guitars to the vocals that commandingly rise above the rest of the din.

They waste absolutely no time as they dive headfirst into the wild sound. Perfectly embodying the state of the US at this very moment, their chaotic energy feels perfect. Lyrics focus on the chaos that has unfolded across cities everywhere. Veering from side to side with the utmost of urgency they shout their lyrics out with a force of nature. Multiple layers filters into the mix as the song churns about in a way that teems with so much life. Never losing that initial energy they reflect upon the state of the US and do so with a certain degree of finesse.

“Waking Up America” proves to be a beautiful piece of southern rock sung with so much intensity, proving Sugarcane Jane to be sculptors of an incredible sound.