Third Release ‘See No Difference’ By DuncanC

After a long absence from song writing, Indie Singer/Songwriter DuncanC from Jersey, UK, finally found the confidence to put his songs out there back in April this year with the release of Nhs-the Real Heroes. A charity single about the current climate we are living through and also in support of the Nhs (National Health Workers) in the Uk. This second release `LDR` (Long Distance Relationship) is a follow-up to that and is about the optimism and hope experienced at the start of any relationship and in this case a long distance one.

I would say that my new song ‘See No Difference’is about the fact that we are all human and that you will only see difference and obstacles in your way and what you want if that’s what you want to see. If on the other hand you `See no difference` and you have love and care for one another and both want what you have to work, then hopefully if you try then it will.

Twitter – @DuncanCmusic