New Single ‘Clap Beat’ By Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz go with a timeless funky hip-hop sound on the celebratory “Clap Beat”. The liveliness of the piece makes it feel so outright physical for it virtually demands participation. Incredibly infectious the groove is a tight one as it brings together handclaps and foot stomps in a way that has a classic quality. Lyrics further emphasize the playful spirit of the track going for a commanding presence. Keeping instrumentation to the essentials the song opts for a communal presence for everyone celebrates together in a big glorious blur. Everything has an openness to it for the warm inviting quality along with its tactile percussion is true bliss.

They do not waste a single moment, for they kick out the jams immediately. Sheer energy pulses through as the groove sets itself up perfectly. A buildup occurs while the naturalistic evolution of the sound draws from ever-greater sources. Upon the inclusion of the saxophone their physicality takes on a mediative element. Becoming dreamy, psychedelic even, the way the piece unfurls feels completely unhinged. From there an animalistic quality takes hold of the piece. Old school electro flourishes further add to the chaotic rush. When those vocals return it feels so vivid and so real, with the vocals serving as the very heart and soul of the entire thing.

“Clap Beat” shows off the impeccable charm of Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz in crafting a joyous piece of work.