Cinematic video from Eddy Lee Ryder out now

With a style reminiscent of classic 60s-70s icons, pop-rock artist Eddy Lee Ryder has unveiled the video, “Vultures,” the latest from her debut EP, Expected to Fly. The style of the video’s cinematography recalls films such as The Birds, a play on the title of the song.

As the video opens, we see Ryder driving down a desolate road while being stalked by the titular birds of prey, “which represent men in my life who have torn pieces of me away, little by little, the way that vultures do,” Ryder says. “Around the start of the #MeToo movement, I was involved with a guy I thought wouldn’t treat me the way other men in the past had. As the story goes, he ended up treating me worse. He was slowly taking from me, and I felt picked apart. Once I realized that, I wrote the song in about ten minutes.” The film glitches from black and white to color and back again, a visual metaphor for the vultures sucking the life out of our protagonist.