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Camila Fuchs share Silver Apples-eque new track “Come About”

Camila Fuchs have shared “Come About”, the Silver Apples/kosmische-eqsue new single from their forthcoming album ‘Kids Talk Sun,’ out November 13th via Felte Records. It can be pre-ordered here.

Recorded with Spacemen 3/Sonic Boom’s Peter Kember in the misty, castle-peaked hills of Sintra, just outside Lisbon in Portugal, the duo’s third album sees their experimental electronic pop imbued with a youthful sense of light and wonder. Amidst nine tracks of off-kilter, vibrant atmospherics, they give an abstract meditation on childhood, the exchanges between humans, nature, and within nature itself.

Anthony Lazaro Collaborates With Musicians Around the World on The Guest List

Singer-songwriter Anthony Lazaro has released his third album, The Guest List, an antidote to isolation this past year amidst the world shutting down. Lazaro delves into various genres, from indie-folk and jazz to electronic pop with acoustic R&B features. For his new album, he collaborated with artists all over the world from places such as Germany, Canada, UK, Ukraine, Italy, Slovakia, and Nigeria. The Guest List is available for download on digital music platforms worldwide.

TOMBS Premieres Vampiric New Song and Video via Dread Central

Just in time for Halloween, Brooklyn metal formation TOMBS has partnered with Dread Central to unveil the official music video for their new song, “The Hunger,” which pays homage to cinema’s most infamous vampires! The song is taken from the band’s upcoming full-length, ‘Under Sullen Skies,’ which is due on November 20.

Exclusive Video Premiere: “The Hunger” by TOMBS Pays Homage to Cinema’s Most Bloodthirsty Vampires!

Sons Of New York – ‘Jesus Was A Person Of Color’

Since debuting on YouTube in June the song has garnered over 730,000 views.

Sidney Flanigan (NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS) Releases EP w/ Buffalo-based Dream Punk Band STARJUICE

Actor and musician Sidney Flanigan, the breakout star of Eliza Hittman’s critically acclaimed film Never Rarely Sometimes Always, has released a new EP “Reminders” with the Buffalo-based Dream Punk band “Starjuice.” With Flanigan on guitar and vocals, Spencer Eck on drums, and Corey Wilde on bass, “Reminders” is heavily rooted in a 90s femme-punk style that branches out into heartfelt ballads with explosive vocals. The trippy album cover art was created by artist Mara Corvus.

One of the faces of the burgeoning indie music scene in Buffalo, Sidney has been performing in the western New York area for several years. As a solo artist, she has performed under the monikers “Sid the Kidd,” “Sidney Jeanne,” and was the lead singer for the punk fusion group “Sus.” She is known for her guitar-driven feminist anthems about relationships, inner turmoil, and angst set against the backdrop of life in a blue-collar town. “Starjuice” channels the raging West Coast punk spirit of “The Distillers” and the no-nonsense, homespun New York charm of “Mal Blum.”

Falcon Jane – the Ontario-based project of main songwriter, Sara May – is today sharing her new single, “Held High”

The new music – although maintaining some of those charming melodies and shimmering soundscapes that were presented on her GoldFlakePaint and Grey Estates-tipped debut, Feelin’ Freaky – turns towards the darkness for inspiration just as much as it does the light. The new record arrives as a deeply personal and touching collection of music from May, written throughout the opening months of 2019, a year that sadly marked a lot of death in Sara’s immediate family with her losing both her grandmothers, an uncle, and great uncle all within the space of just under twelve months – attending a funeral approximately every two months gave Sara a heartbreaking insight into memory, grief, loss and the fragility of life.

Jocelyn Mackenzie Releases “The Braves Ones”

Brooklyn multidisciplinary artist Jocelyn Mackenzie has released “The Braves Ones” – the second new track and video from her debut solo album PUSH today. The track is available via your preferred listening service and the video is premiering exclusively on Talkhouse alongside “Three Great Things,” in which Jocelyn details some of the things she loves that have kept her grounded throughout 2020 – watch now.

Crash Cathedral bring a dark side to alternative-pop with first single “MoodRing”

Today, Philadelphia alternative-pop band Crash Cathedral shared their debut single “MoodRing”. The track takes the band’s dark-pop sensibilities and swirls them into an emotional whirlwind of lyrics centering around a destructive relationship. The guitar tones and choice of synth and electronic textures evoke some of their influences from more alternative genres like goth and industrial, while the vocals, songwriting and production are rooted in pop. The band is a collaborative project with instrumentation from Will Schaeffer, Jason Duarte, and Josh Gowton, and vocal contribution on “MoodRing” by Wes Lauterbach (Lowborn). To accompany the track the band has released a striking visualizer created by Natasha Brito (Austere) which you can watch here and you can find “MoodRing” on streaming services here.

Nathan Oliver Shares “Even If You Go” in Advance of Friday’s LP Release.

After 15 years and three albums of brilliantly crooked rock, this onetime bedroom project of band namesake Nathan Oliver has quietly grown into one of the best kept secrets of the North Carolina music scene. And now with their fourth album, Thank You For Your Generosity, the Chapel Hill three-piece has returned with a journey through grief that is by turns contemplative, explosive and — because it’s still a Nathan Oliver record — fun as hell.

Nathan Oliver works through personal loss and heartache on “Even If You Go” (BPM Premiere)

Mason Lively Releases New Wade Bowen-Produced Single “Something ‘Bout A Southern Girl”

“After all the songs I have had a part in writing, I would consider this one of my absolute favorites,” says Lively. “‘Something ‘Bout A Southern Girl” started out as only half a chorus and a verse, yet I didn’t really like what I had written. Then, I had the opportunity to schedule a co-write with Wade Bowen. To make matters even more nerve-racking, he decided to call up Drew Kennedy (one of the finest songwriters in Texas in my opinion) and ask him to write with us that day. So I decided to throw the pieces of ‘Southern Girl’ that I had at them like, ‘Well, here’s something I guess.’ To my surprise, they loved it! The three of us finished writing the song within an hour.”


A Joyful Sound is a future soul classic with all the elements of a classic R&B record, but simply with a joyful holiday lean. With an all-star supporting cast of who’s who from the contemporary soul scene this record is truly a family affair with Kelly Finnigan at the wheel. Featuring members of Durand Jones & The Indications, The Dap-Kings, Ghost Funk Orchestra, Monophonics, Thee Sinseers, Orgone, Ikebe Shakedown, Jason Joshua & The Beholders, The True Loves, Neal Francis, Jungle Fire, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Ben Pirani, The Jive Turkeys, The Ironsides, The Harlem Gospel Travelers, Rudy De Anda, Alanna Royale, and more! Inspired by records like Atlantic’s Soul Christmas, Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift For You and Rotary Connection’s Peace, this album will appeal not only to lovers of holiday music, but lovers of SOUL music in general!

We Are Betrayed / EP release about Russian discrimination

Today Valerija Kravale is releasing her first EP in Russian, which speaks to the collective trauma of Russians in Latvia and her own personal problems of national self-identification. It consists of 4 songs in different genres, all but one being self-produced; “Krasnoe Nebo Posinelo” (eng. Red sky turned blue) was mixed by Berlin-based Soela.

Valerija on the album: These days, I remember where I come from very vividly. Those 9-story Post-Soviet buildings full of despair and anonymity, alcoholics in front of the grocery store nearby, low-quality products on the shelves of supermarkets. That’s what I think about when I remember HOME. And I feel that my HOME has betrayed me. It promised me it would make me whole. Make me complete. Make me happy. Instead, I suffered for years. And only when I moved abroad and became an immigrant, I learnt who I actually am and where I belong. For Western Europeans and rest of the world, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine – it’s all the same. And I would become one of those “grey zone Russian speaking country immigrants”. I would become a Slav. Because I remember pelmeni from my childhood, Гражданская Оборона as music that played from magnetophone when I was like 4 year old.


East Cleveland rapper/producer/9-5er Kipp Stone has dropped his new mixtape HOMMÈ, his first project to release with Chicago’s Closed Sessions featuring Mick Jenkins, Nuke Franklin, and Torre Lott along with production from Kipp and Blokhead Johnny. The city’s most perspicuous story teller, Kipp paints scenes of city blocks only remembered through its poverty and violence on the local news. Largely focused on feeling at home in your own skin the tape brings the listener into Kipp’s childhood and through his continuing growth as a man stopping short of the enlightenment he’s seeking. Sheltered by the OGs of the neighborhood who recognized his talent early on, Kipp works as an essential health care worker during the day while writing and recording HOMMÈ, in what should be a condemned house, at night.

Beauty Pill Surprise Release “Instant Night” With Video Depicting Trump, Graham & McConnell As Monsters; Urging People To Vote In The 2020 US Presidential Election

Washington, D.C. band Beauty Pill is surprise-releasing “Instant Night.” It is the band’s third release of 2020.

The song arrives with an unusual and provocative music video, a time-lapse film featuring gifted DC illustrator Ryan Nelson drawing surreal political portraits in real time.

“Instant Night” is released today out of urgency to inspire people to vote in the November election. The song uses elliptical lyrics but is certainly Beauty Pill’s most fiercely political work yet. It is also the band’s most strikingly orchestral release, highlighting the woodwind quartet that fused with the band in 2018.

Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams To Release “Plastic Bouquet” December 11th

Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams are set to release their debut collaboration Plastic Bouquet on December 11th, 2020 via New West Records. The 11-song set was produced by Kacy Lee Anderson & Marlon Williams and was recorded in Saskatoon, SK and Nashville, TN.

Philly’s solo experimental psych-pop project Mock Suns share dreamy final single from new s/t album (out Friday, advance enclosed!)

Mock Suns is the project’s first as a solo effort, with original member Greg Puglese determined to keep the spirit of the project alive following the departure of his bandmates following the release of 2016’s Stay True. As such, the new album is a natural sonic evolution of their historically psych-leaning sound, teeming with warm analog synths, melodic basslines and dynamic drum patterns that lay an intricate foundation for guitars, saxophones, and even more synths to meander in and around. Dreamy, hypnotic multi-tracked vocals help steer the songs into previously unexplored territories too, certainly resulting in the most atmospheric and essential Mock Suns album to date.

SUZIE TRUE releases single ‘CARMEN’

From LA’s Suzie True’s first full-length album, ‘Saddest Girl at the Party,’ out November 27 via Philadelphia-based Get Better Records, comes single ‘Carmen,’ a charming and heartfelt song about seeing humor and levity in something that at the moment, sucks. “I wrote this song about my first serious relationship – it’s about caring about someone but knowing you’re not a good fit together and realizing you have to move on,” says Suzie True lyricist, bassist, and singer, Lexi McCoy. “Especially when you feel like you have to change who you are to be with them. It’s a tough lesson to learn when you’re like 18.

Kalbells Share New Track/Video “Hump The Beach”

On the heels of her excellent Mothertime EP (a collaboration with Chrome Sparks released in April), Kalbells—the solo project of Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket—is back with “Hump The Beach,” a euphoric love and lust song written for and about the Earth, which was co-produced with Luke Temple (Art Feynman, Here We Go Magic).

“Hump The Beach” arrives alongside a music video which was collectively directed by Traver and her bandmates Zoë Brecher (Hush Puppy, Sad13), Sarah Pedinotti (LipTalk, Okkervil River), and Angelica Bess (Body Language) who also are star in the video as themselves and as characters: James Bondage 0069, Spam-ela Can-derson, Pirate Booty and Buzzy “the Sneak” Shallows.

Introducing Metal Band Letter of Marque; Watch Official Music Video for “White Lie”

The band has released their official music video for song “White Lie.”

“Making this video truly helped us emphasize what we want the people to understand. One bad decision can last for generations” says the band.

Letter of Marque was founded over the summer of 2016 by Matt Gund (Vocals), Vinny Antonelli (Rhythm Guitar), and Jeff Pritchard (Cello/Lead Guitar). The band was originally called “Out In The Open” due to the bands very “out there” style of metal. After cycling through a few other names, the band decided “Letter of Marque” was the best fit. This decision was solidified when vocalist Matt Gund got “Letter of Marque” tattooed on his ring finger in April 2018, essentially becoming married to the band.

Dublin-based producer/musician, Sal Dulu – Shares new single “Alien Boy 96″

“Alien Boy 96” delivers on some of the promises that Sal Dulu’s early smattering of releases hinted towards, it throws the genre net a little wider, gently touching on everything from ambient to jazz, downtempo hip-hop, and dusty electronica – these different sounds provide a warm-hued, textured bed of music. The new single details some of the forthcoming album’s wider themes with Sal Dulu thematically looking to document time, history and dreams, attempting to assert each track as a different fragment of memory. I think the music really plays into this notion with washes of nostalgia and these shape-shifting electronic samples which to me summon comparisons to Yves Jarvis, Upsammy and The Soft Pink Truth.

Ella Mai Releases Romantic Video For “Not Another Love Song”

After releasing her enchanting comeback single “Not Another Love Song,” Ella Mai returns today with the song’s striking new visuals. Directed by Lesean Harris — who previously helmed Usher and Ella’s fun-filled “Don’t Waste My Time” video — the effervescent singer flaunts her sensual side, romancing on her beau and showcasing their electric chemistry together.


Carla remains one of the most pivotal artists of the past decade with her art surpassing the boundaries of the Latin space resulting in a global, devout following and large cultural impact. In addition to features on recent projects by Ricky Martin and J Balvin, she has amassed millions of streams, sold out shows around the world, and has become a certified critical press darling. Carla has accomplished monumental feats that many Latinx artists were not able to achieve in the United States before the recent Latin music explosion (pre-“Despacito”), ultimately breaking down boundaries for many artists today. Her new work signals a new chapter, sonically and personally, showcasing her evolution, newly found strength and re-awakening. More to come from Carla soon.

Dr. Zwig’s “Medicine Gun” Video, feat. Yher, is Out Now

“The song is about how the poison in your life, meaning your problems, contains the hidden medicine you need to become your true whole self,” says Dr. Zwig. “For the video, I collaborated with Los Angeles mural artist, Yher, and the video tells a story about a world in which she finds a medicine in the poison.”

“The other component is that the video narrative is about racism, xenophobia, etc. In the story, both the psychological and social-political elements unfold in the protagonist as she transforms the oppression by finding the medicine in the poison. She does this by painting the traditional Mexican concept of the life cycle over graffiti saying, ‘Build the wall higher.’”

MkX Releases “Fall” Music Video

“I wanted to take the imagery that was in my head when I wrote this record and bring it to life,” says MkX on the video. “The song is an homage to late 90s/early 00s pop music, so the imagery that came to mind was also in that vein. I put all of my ideas on paper, organized a bunch of outfits, set up my tripod and blue screen, and made my vision come to life! I filmed the entire video myself at home during the quarantine and edited the whole thing on my laptop. So, whoever watches this video really gets to take a trip inside my crazy mind.”

MkX Releases “Fall” Music Video


Superstar singer-songwriter/ actor/ director/ model/ dancer/ choreographer and auteur Teyana Taylor today releases “Lose Each Other,” her latest self-directed video from her #1 R&B set THE ALBUM. The visually stunning new video features a special appearance from the legendary Elton John.

“‘Lose Each Other’ is such a special record for me, and I wanted the visual to feel just as big,” said Teyana Taylor. “I told my team ‘you know what would be dope? If I could have Elton John open the video on the piano!!'”

SCALP: No Echo Debuts “Depleted Mass” As Domestic Extremity Debut LP From Southern California Death Metal/Hardcore Act

SCALP is Southern California’s most violent and unpredictable new outfit, bred on a wide range of influences from across and beyond the realms of extreme music. Facets of classic and technical death metal, West Coast crust, and modern hardcore unite in an explosive attack in the vein of Nails, Dead In The Dirt, Dystopia, Homewrecker, and Terminal Nation.

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