GRANT Releases Official Music Video For ‘Don’t Recall Growing Old.’ ‘Vertigo’ EP Out Today

Swedish alt-pop artist GRANT releases her brand new EP, ‘Vertigo,’ alongside a brand new music video for ‘Don’t Recall Growing Old.’ Talking about the EP, GRANT reveals, “I’ve thought of happy love like a really good pop song – easy, instantly touching, revealing and after a while kind of repetitive – and this repetitiveness can either be comforting or irritating. This was my point of view before I dug into scrutinizing the different scenarios, feelings and bits and pieces that all together make up my relationship. In a way I let you follow my thought process making this EP, laying out the groundworks for what will be the album where I’m at the other side of thinking I’ve got the answers. I conclude the EP with declaring I don’t know a thing.”

Listen to the ‘Vertigo’ EP HERE –

With its propulsive energy and radiant chorus, GRANT’s latest single, “Don’t Recall Growing Old” is a moment of bittersweet reflection that deals with the fact idealizations of love and relationships may not mirror the actual outcome. Inspired by retro technology, the Zoë Que-directed video sees GRANT surrounded by CRT televisions broadcasting her own face as she sways between her feelings; scrutinizing and assembling herself.

Speaking about the song, GRANT reveals, “‘Don’t Recall Growing Old’ is about breaking down the barriers you built up when you were young and idealistic, and had very high demands and expectations on love and what it should be. Honest love is for grown-ups. I didn’t really think I’d get there, but here we are.” Adding about the video, “We used a classic webcam, a little nod to MSN and being able to look and feel confident expressing yourself through a distance online.