Why Online Services Are Taking Over The World

It was only thirty years ago when the internet was non-existent and all us consumers had to shop in-person for anything we wanted. Now, we can log onto the web and onto any e-commerce marketplace and place an order than can be with us in under 24 hours which has now eradicated many businesses from being a high-street shop and turning many into online only business; today we access why this is.     

The main reason as why online services are taking over the business world is the convenience of them – without having to get ready to just pop to the shop, we can plan and place an order to be delivered in a time slot of our choice and all from the comfort of your own home. Why would you leave the house anymore whenever everything is available at the touch of a button and for virtually no extra cost?

Furthermore, it’s actually cheaper online due to the competitive market that now has thousands of competitors all bidding to gain your purchase which has benefited us consumers in getting the best deal. Back 15 years ago, we’d drive down to Blockbuster to rent a film for the night for around £5. Now-a-days that sounds bonkers to the youths who never experienced this, with online services such as Netflix being available for £6.99 a month for unlimited watching with hundreds of TV shows and films to choose from!

Other online services that have benefitted similarly to Netflix is that of online casinos, you can find Sites Not Blocked by Gamstop here in which you can see why they have been benefitting in recent times. High quality casinos, wide variety of games that can’t be challenge in a high-street casino and also the opportunity to gain offers and bonuses when you sign up which isn’t available in high-street alternatives.

High street shops have really experienced troubling times due to this digital age of everything now being online and this doesn’t just stop at small retailers but also big companies like Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and HMV all reporting losses on the high-street and therefore had to close stores. High street stores have expensive rent costs, labour costs on top of this and then less consumers on the street due to online services, these are why more and more people are drifting towards online shopping rather than visiting their local shops. Scary thing is, we are only at the birth of the digital age, the growth of this is expected to go through the roof in the next fifty years.