Rev Peter Unger Releases New Single ‘If I Were a Hero’ + Q&A

Rev Peter Unger offers an ode to humility and admiration with “If I Were a Hero”. Lyrics focus on the self and the desire for self-improvement. Full of a sense of self-reliance that defines the American experience, there is a kindness and a quiet joy to the way that the piece evolves. Small gestures here matter a great deal. The rhythm is reflected in the shimmering of the guitar riffs, ones that at times seem to radiate up into the sky. Acoustic guitar playing perfectly compliments the strength of his voice, one that has a deep set yet reassuring cadence to it. Slide guitar proves to be rather quiet during much of the work, emerging to further emphasize a finer point when necessary.

Things travel along at their own unique pace. Giving plenty of space the way the sounds seem to waft into the air feels quietly majestic. Within the lyrics a sense of purpose starts to emerge one that reflects upon what one can do to become something more. Ambition works alongside serving for there is a desire to make things better in a caring, compassionate way. From the way the guitar lightly plays off his voice to the occasional interjections of the slide guitar, it all has a feeling of contemplation.

“If I Were a Hero” neatly explores elements of country and folk in a pastoral fashion, showcasing the strength and power of Rev Peter Unger’s voice.

“Love of God and neighbor, and not love of a particular issue{s} or worldly ideal{s}, is what God charges us with first-and-foremost.” – Rev Unger

@skopemag – Where are we talking from today and what are you expecting in the USA post election?

I apologize for pontificating here. It may not be appropriate given the format. I am hoping, and praying for our nation’s healing. Anger, hate, and prejudice are fueling a dangerous cyclical divisiveness in our country. America, as a western nation, was formatively shaped by three-great cultural traditions: Greek competitiveness, Roman Patriotism, and the Judeo-Christian values of compassion and redemption. The cultural traditions of competition, now economically driven, and patriotism are still thriving but are no longer as informed by the shared values of compassion and redemption. Without this balance it is doubtful that our cultural consciousness will continue to evolve in ways consistent with the highest ideals of our founders, the documents they handed down to us, and the social contract they uphold. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not just abstract principles they are part of an organic living social contract that must continually be re-appraised and nurtured within government and our social institutions. A civil dialogue informed by the values of compassion and grace are integral to any process by which we go about preserving not only our social contract but our democracy.

@skopemag: You have been busy putting out music through the pandemic. How has being a musician helped you cope with all the craziness 2020 has brought us?

Writing songs provides me an outlet and way to cope given the frustration and anxiety I, like so many others, have been experiencing during these challenging times.

@skopemag: You have a new single – ‘If I Were A Hero’. Tell us what inspired you to write this song – how the instrumentals came to be and where you recorded the song?

This song is not political. It is a rally cry for all to unite, given the rising tide of polarizing anger and hate, behind the values of compassion and grace as critical components of any civil dialogue. While intrinsically Judeo-Christian values, these values can also be embraced in secular and humanistic ways. That said I am deeply troubled by any Christian who does not manifest the highest Christian ethical command of love of God and neighbor, for the most part, no matter their position on a particular issue[s}.

@skopemag: What do you hope the listeners of ‘If I Were A Hero’ take away from the song and the message behind it?

I am a local church pastor who writes songs on the side. There is much greater talent, professionally and otherwise, out there than any I might have. As such if I can add my voice, literally through song, in some small way to those calling for a higher cultural and political dialogue this would suffice.

@skopemag: What is coming up for you for the rest of 2020 and any words of hope & faith you can spread here to the people?

Song writing for me is an avocation and an outlet. Lord willing, I will continue to write my simple songs. The majority of these songs offer spiritual comfort and hope to those in need.