Billy Ray Rock Lets It Be Known On ‘I’m Bringing Rock Back’

A confident swagger rests at the heart of Billy Ray Rock’s aptly named “I’m Bringing Rock Back”. Everything about the sound stuns: from the righteous guitar riffs that run through it to the force of nature of the percussion. His voice seems to harken back to rock n’ roll’s greats. Shoutouts are given in ample quantities ranging all the way from Bruce Springsteen to David Bowie. The earnestness of Bruce Springsteen radiates throughout as he sings directly from the heart. For the glam rock aspect, a la David Bowie the grandeur of the whole arrangement becomes quite potent. Rhythms have a wild force of nature quality to all of it, as they nicely anchor his impeccable guitar chops.

He wastes no time in getting the mood set. The whole of the track begins immediately. Nicely offering a bit of a modern take on classic rock it has an intense force of nature quality. Lyrics further emphasize exactly how important it is to bring rock back. After so many bands watering the sound down, it is good to know that Billy Ray Rock taps into rock’s roots for something that feels visceral and alive. Full of hooks the song draws the listener into a colossal, overwhelming sense of self. Nor does he let up rather going hard the entire time imbuing it all with a sense of life.

Billy Ray Rock explores his own unique aural universe “I’m Bringing Rock Back”.