Cmagic5 New ‘You Don’t Know’ (iphone Video)

Rising Toronto-hailed artist Cmagic5, is back exploring musical landscapes and killing it softly with her new ear worm single “You don’t know”. The emotive artist brings us fresh R&B vibes infusing jazzy, melodious chords and encapsulating vocals for a feel-good end of summer track taking us into a colorful fall, symbolic of an emotional transition to self-worth. Sensual and soul-stirring melodies sprinkled with high bells, followed by haunting back vocals take classic R&B melodrama to the next level and make this track ultimately therapeutic to listen to. This is further enhanced by her candid and conversational lyrics that speak directly to the heart. Cmagic5 is truly wholesome, and relatable to the listeners. Inspired by the likes of Tony Braxton, Whitney Houston, Kiana Lede, we’re totally obsessed.

To feel it, you should check out the music video, so pure and straight from the heart. It takes us back to a naiver time – a phase in life when you’re just madly in love. But then to your dismay, your lover is only making a pit stop and does not even care to know about your favorite things. You’re stuck in this foggy, blurry period of realization and revelation, a confused state of mind, from an ecstatic state of mind to feelings of insecurity prior a potential heartbreak. Pain and anger in the song are expressed through evocative lyrics and soulful vocals, yet the music gives off a very relaxing, laid back vibe.

Take it from Cmagic5 herself “This song is inspired by events and conflicts that majority of people encounter with their love interest at some stage in life. Like all my music that I write, it’s expressive and lyrical. It’s interesting coz’ you are eager to unveil the end, curious for more. It is the calm before the perfect storm, a recognition of self-worth and self-respect”