How to Keep your Puffco Peak Vaporizer Clean?

Once you get hooked up your vaporizer, you soon lose track of how often you use it to fulfill your dabbing needs. It takes over you like an addiction. But though it is giving you all the pleasure in this world, if you don’t clean it thoroughly after roughly shirt periods, it is highly likely that your vaporizer will give up sooner or your dabbing experience will deteriorate with time.

Getting your vaporizer messy is regardless of the kind of user you are; your vaporizer is bound to get dirty even if you are a light hitter. But fear not, we have come to your aid. By following our meticulously researched and then drafted cleaning guidelines, your vaporizer will become as good as new after every clean.

Easy Way Out

Opt for this method frequently so you can avoid the deep cleaning for more extended periods. A regular easy cleaning method will allow you to keep your vaporizer well-maintained and clean. Try to quick-clean your vaporizer after every use by employing this method. Just grab cotton sab, or maybe a couple of them, and then use these to clean the insides of your bowl. They will absorb all the remaining residue that may block the bowl or ruin your next dabbing experience.

The Deep Clean

Occasionally you would have to adopt the deep cleaning method so that you can get your vaporizer thoroughly cleaned from the inside and the outside.

What will you need?

Gather these materials before you get started:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Small bucket for soaking the vaporizer’s components


Its time to open your toolbox and grab your screwdriver. Turn the atomizer anticlockwise until it loosens up and then detaches it from the base. Though the atomizer will split into the four separate pieces, as Puffco recommends, it’s wise to keep them soaked up together. Take off the rubber seal and carefully remove the ceramic bracket and glass bowl. You must play around cautiously with these components of the vaporizer.

Soak Everything Up

Add rubbing alcohol in the bucket and let everything soak in it. By the use of cotton swab, clean the small pieces from the insides. Add rubbing alcohol, a little less than half, in the bubbler, and let it soak overnight.

Piecing it Back Together

Now get everything out of the rubbing alcohol, wait for it to dry, and start assembling everything back together. Screw all components together and structure the vaporizer.

A Burnoff

Turn on the vaporizer and set it to the highest temperature setting. Turn the heater on and let the full cycle run. Make sure the carb cap is off and perform this burn off a few times before preparing the next session’s vaporizer.

Avoid Cleaning Frequently

We understand how obnoxious and frequent annoying cleaning can be. But to avoid it, you must use the material in such small amounts that all of it is used in your dabbing session. The leftover piles up and creates a mess in your atomizer. So, experiment with various combinations of concentrate amounts and temperatures to find the sweet spot (actually a term for optimal concentrate material used fully in the session). Your sweet spot is customized and is that particular amount of substance and temperature that gives you the maximum pleasure and flavor.

Ensure you rinse the bubbler and dump out any deposited material, so the bubbler doesn’t get dirty. Just opt for these cleaning techniques at the end of the day so that your vaporizer remains clean and ready for the next dab.