Why Vinyl Will Always Be Around

We all thought it was dead. But turns out, vinyl records are back with a vengeance and more popular than ever before!

Back in the day, the vinyl used to be the only way to enjoy the music! You would hook it up to your record player and hope that the needle ran smoothly on the track! But then the cd player was invented, which gave listeners the ability to take their music with them on the go without needing a record player—all they needed was a cd! And then the iPod came along, making listening to music a digital experience, where you could purchase albums and songs on iTunes. And now, we have reached the era of streaming music on platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify.

So of course, many people thought that vinyl records had become extinct. But then, vinyl stores started making the ultimate comeback in 2018 and mainstream artists were now releasing their own vinyl records. In fact, people had reversed in their listening habits and record players were once again the preferred way of listening to music!

What was happening and why was this happening? Well, because vinyl records will always be around! And here are all our reasons to prove why!

1. Vinyl sales are on a constant rise!

We may live in the digital age, but vinyl record sales have been on a steady rise for fourteen years, since 2006! Experts bring this down to the fact that there is too much noise on streaming platforms and vinyl records allow listeners an escape from the digital world, where they can truly connect with the music. And as we know, people love to follow trends. So as more people retreat back to this easy listening method of music, more people are naturally going to follow.

2. More businesses are making vinyl records!

With demand comes more production. And this is certainly the case with vinyl records. Companies all throughout America are producing vinyl records to keep up with the increasing demand for both vinyl records and record players! Businesses don’t waste time producing a product they won’t’ see a return on, so clearly these companies are convinced vinyl records are here to stay!

3. People are going back to the classics!

While there are new and emerging hits that are being churned out daily, more and more people are going back in time and wanting to listen to the classics like Bob Marley or The Beatles. The best and most authentic way to do this is through one of their original vinyl records, which is causing what were once best-sellers to become best-sellers decades later again! That is pretty cool, as it means their legacies are truly living on forever!

4. New artists are releasing vinyl!

Not only are classic vinyl records popular, but current superstar musicians are ditching digital premieres and releasing old school vinyl records! Singers like Lorde and Taylor Swift have done this as a way to prove that it is not the music platforms that produce great music, but the singers themselves! It cuts out all the additional advertising dollars and middlemen and allows listeners to easily connect with their favorite musicians.

5. Vinyl Stores are popping up everywhere

While it seems liked brick and mortar stores are dying, vinyl record stores are actually booming! It is like a time capsule of past and present that allow listeners to have an immersive experience. And there is something to be said about being hands on in finding a masterpiece to listen to, rather than a simple click of the button.

So despite what people may have thought, vinyl records are here to stay! If they are popular during the digital age, they certainly aren’t going anywhere any time soon!