Introducing Artist Len Dreams, His Stunning Music, And His Undeniable Passion, To The World In 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing the world into isolation & his future work prospects uncertain to say the least, Len seized on the very last opportunity to get a flight out of Amsterdam and go live with his newfound love in Portugal, right before everything shut down. Essentially packing up what he could overnight & leaving the rest behind, he left for the beauty of Portugal, the potential of love, and to ride out the lockdown in the safety of one of the world’s most scenic & serene places. While rediscovering his connection to music wasn’t part of the original intention, it fast became his passion once more as he started to experiment with his lover’s hundred-dollar microphone & basic set-up to create cover tunes. And as most musicians will tell you, once the inspiration starts to strike, it takes monumental effort to stop it – and also like most musicians, Len found no reason to not seize the momentum and see where it would lead him. Soon enough, he was reaching out across the globe to find exciting ways to collaborate.

Going solo once more, traveling alone in his true vagabond style – he doesn’t need a permanent place to reside…home is where the heart is…and Len Dreams’ heart leads him back to music, where he belongs.