10 Fun Things to Do on a Girls’ Night Out

There is nothing quite like having a break away from the daily stresses of life and calling up your girlfriends for a night out. Whether you’re planning a birthday bash, a swanky evening meal, or simply a much-needed catchup, there are tons of options to pick from to ensure you and your friends have a night to remember. To give you some inspiration, here are ten fun things to try out.

Attend a Wine Tasting Event

If you want something sophisticated and like to be classy, why not splurge out and attend a wine tasting event? Once there, you will gain more knowledge about wine, get to try out lots of samples, and even gain new acquaintances. Do some research into local restaurants in your area who are hosting wine tasting events as they can serve as the perfect excuse to catch up with your girlfriends while sampling some of the tastiest vino in the world.

Hit the Casino

If you like the razzle dazzle of a casino, why not spend your night at one? With dozens of games to try out, you and your friends can have hours of fun with table games, slot machines and a variety of other activities. Being in a vibrant gaming environment like Hollywood Casino may be the perfect choice for your girlsnight out. Hollywood Casino is situated in Perryville, Maryland and they are proud to be the first gaming facility to open in the state. Since launching in September 2010, the casino has played host to thousands of locals, providing great dining, exciting gaming action, and out of this world entertainment.

Head to a Nearby Amusement Park

If you’re lucky enough to live close to an amusement park, why not bring out the adrenaline junkie in you and ride on some fast rollercoasters? If you have a 6 Flags within close proximity or a nearby boardwalk, there are hours of fun to be had at an amusement park. What’s more, many of them are open till late, meaning you can hit the arcade and rollercoasters as the sun goes down. If you’ve decided on hitting the amusement park, make sure that all your friends aren’t scared of heights!

Try Out a Fancy Restaurant

If you and your girlfriends love to try out new cuisine, why not splash out and book a table at a fancy restaurant? While there is nothing wrong with a cheap burger and fries, you may be after something a bit swankier and more extravagant. If you are heading for an expensive dinner, this can be the perfect opportunity to get dolled up with your friends and look and feel a million dollars. Make sure that you pick a restaurant that matches yours and your friend’s culinary tastes, otherwise things may not run as smoothly as you’d hoped.

Go to an Outdoor Show

While we’re currently in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in music venues having to close, there are some outdoor venues that have been given the green light (as long as they follow social distancing measures). If you have a car and are looking for something a little unusual, there are drive in concerts and movie screenings that you and your friends can watch from the comfort of your own vehicle. Many people have been ordered to work from home, which is what makes this option so desirable for those who can’t wait to get out the door.

Try to ‘Escape the Room’

Escape the room is a game that has surged in popularity over recent years. If you and your friends love puzzles and can work well as a team, why not head to your local escape room? There are lots of room escape games dotted across Maryland which will test your abilities and let you immerse yourself in a 60-minute real life adventure game. You and your friends must put your heads together, with the main aim being to ‘escape’ the room as quickly as possible. There are lots of hidden clues and challenging puzzles you will need to solve throughout the room to escape.

Hit a Bespoke Cocktail Bar

If you and your girlfriends aren’t feeling a heavy meal and would prefer to go for drinks instead, there are lots of bespoke cocktail bars to check out in Maryland. Even if a dive bar is more your thing, if you’re celebrating a special occasion or haven’t seen your friends in months, make your reunion special and head to a swanky cocktail bar. Whether a mojito is what gets your taste buds tingling, or you’re more of a margarita fan, there are lots of tasty cocktails to sip on as you catch up with your girls.

Go Bowling

If you’re not interested in donning a pair of heels and dress for your girls’ night out, why not bring out your inner child and go for an old-fashioned game of bowling? Once you hit the alley, you may not realize all the health benefits you and your girlfriends can gain. Bowling burns calories, strengthens muscles, and improves flexibility and balance. This means that you will have hours of fun while improving your health and fitness.

See a Comedy Show

In the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, we could all do with a laugh. If you and your girlfriends need a break from looking after the kids or stress at work, there are comedy shows that you can check out which are home to some of the best comedians in the country. Letting off steam with your close circle and laughing the night away can relieve tension and take your mind off work and home worries.

Paint and Sip

The paint and sip craze has grown in popularity all across the country. If you want to bring out your artistic flair, an art instructor will provide you with a canvas and paints, leaving it up to you to create your own masterpiece. The only requirement is that you provide the wine.

No matter what the occasion is for your get together, there are tons of fun things you and your girls can do, helping to create long lasting memories with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re a lover of fine cuisine, or you’re an adrenaline junkie and want to try out an escape room, be sure to check out all the ideas listed above.