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Sarah Dooley’s latest single “My Party”

Of the song, Dooley says, “‘My Party’ is a song about throwing a party in the hopes that your crush will attend but then they leave early and you’re left feeling so confused. It’s an anthem for the insecure, the ones who love too hard and fall too fast and wonder why it’s not reciprocated. The lyrics start out very questioning and full of self-doubt: ‘am I not that funny anymore?’ or ‘was I weird on the phone?’ But they become more assured: ‘it wasn’t a thing / but it wasn’t nothing.’ I wanted to explore the disconnect, the literal dissonance you experience in those situations—are you allowed to feel so romantic, so dramatic about a relationship that on paper might not look like anything very serious? I think the answer is yes, and I wanted a song that affirmed those feelings. Sometimes you’re the girl crying in a pile of red Solo cups at the end of a party, and that’s ok. You can catch your tearful reflection in the mirror and laugh at yourself a little. You’ll clean the rest up in the morning.”

King Khan announces jazz album, feat. members of Sun Ra Arkestra, Calexico and more

Sometimes a work of art comes unintentionally from a place from deep within the soul. It meanders and flops onto a table and sits and waits for its birth. The album begins with “Wait Till The Stars Burn”, a planetary ode to the Sun. The second track, “Tribute to the Pharoahs Den”, is a requiem for Danny Ray Thompson (R.I.P.) of the Sun Ra Arkestra, his music and legacy now floating above us in the infinity of space. Both tracks and featuring Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott (of the Sun Ra Arkestra). The album ends with a requiem for Hal Willner (R.I.P.) whose devotion to celebrating the weird and insane was like an insatiable thirst leading to deep introspection and joy in harmony and sonic dissidence.


“I truly believe that the meaning of Route 66 is in the people who are keeping it alive,” says cinematic indie band The Grahams in their documentary short, Searching The Milky Way. The documentary follows Alyssa and Doug Graham (band partners and married couple) on an epic motorcycle ride along Route 66 which inspired their latest album Kids Like Us. The full documentary is premiering via Twangville here. “The kitsch is insignificant, the motels and the neon… It’s the stories of these people that live on, the stories that continue to be written and continue to, hopefully, be preserved. I hope more young adults start taking pride in Route 66, for us the history is fascinating and the music that came out of it is awesome.”

Doley Bernays Continues to Connect Coasts With Gritty “The Lobby” Video

A native New Yorker, Doley Bernays specializes in detail-rich street rap anthems. Reflecting on his hustling past, Doley shares “The Lobby,” his new video single. Produced by L.A. sound architect Beat Boy, who has a platinum plaque for co-producing “Nun Major” by Shoreline Mafia, “The Lobby” takes the listener on a tour through the lobby of Doley’s old project in the Bronx–a place where all sorts of characters, both friend and foe, would congregate. The song paints a vivid picture of the life that Doley worked so hard to escape: “I can take ya through the lobby where I done dodged narcs/I can take ya through that lobby where brodies bodies droppin’.”

Moral Distraída shares new video and single “Rico Rico”

Chilean Cumbia and Reggaeton band Moral Distraída returns to the newsfeeds with the music video for the single “Rico Rico”, in collaboration with Denise Rosenthal & Los Vásquez. The song was released alongside a funny and eye-catching music video resembling a romantic soap opera, and featuring Chilean stars Fernanda Ramírez and Etienne Bobenrieth.

BLEEDING OUT: Toronto Deathgrind Outfit With Members Of Endless Blockade, Fuck The Facts, Column Of Heaven, And Abyss To Release Lifelong Death Fantasy LP Via Profound Lore Records

BLEEDING OUT is a deathgrind band from Toronto, Ontario. And yet behind this seemingly banal statement lurks a far more seething and violent musical truth. Yes, BLEEDING OUT is a band with a relentless array of face-melting riffs; everything from blasting early-Earache buzzsaws to reptile brain, slow-motion skull smashers. A band that is possessed by power, fury, and a violent need to explode on stage and on record rather than wallow in tepid genre identification and weak posturing. Utilizing grindcore and death metal as a musical lens to stare long and hard at this pus filled, ingrown world as it burns and falls apart, worldview begets musical conviction, and this ouroboros of violent sounds and negative outlook exists at the very heart of the band.

Silk Tonic – “Things You Said”

“Things You Said” is now available on all streaming platforms, a song filled with hope, reflecting on the loss of someone important. During harder times, we always need something, or someone, to hold on to. When facing adversity, we feel helpless and alone at first, but with time start to notice everything and everyone around us.

LAZY LEGS: Portland based doomgaze band to release “Moth Mother” on vinyl via Tartarus Records

Portland based shoegaze band, LAZY LEGS set a heavy, sullen mood with their sophomore album, “Moth Mother”. Filled with thick distortion, ghostly vocals and songs that deal with anxiety, trauma and other mental health issues.

“Moth Mother” is a departure from the band’s previous work, leaning into more raw, darkened territory. Crushing blocks of guitar distortion stand next to calm interludes, all coated by pensive, reverb-laden vocal harmonies. The album strikes a balance between gentle resignation and smothering depression, whilst maintaining a serene sense of catharsis. Songs such as “It’s True” are emblematic of this feeling, seemingly perfect as the soundtrack to a prom night ending in tears.

Gritty shoegazers LAZY LEGS sets themselves apart from the pack with excellent album “Moth Mother”

All Them Witches Release “Nothing as the Ideal” Tomorrow – SPIN Premieres Album In Full Today

All Them Witches will return with Nothing as the Ideal tomorrow via New West Records. The 8-song set was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in the legendary Studio Two (home to landmark recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and more). It was produced by the band and Mikey Allred (producer of their 2015 New West debut Dying Surfer Meets His Maker). Nothing as the Ideal is the follow up to All Them Witches’ acclaimed 2018 ATW LP and last year’s standalone single “1X1.”

PeacockSunrise Records Announces the Fall Release of ‘Delta Tales’, an Album by Sun King Rising

Sun King Rising’s debut album, Delta Tales, will be released this Fall on CD, vinyl, and leading download and streaming sites. Sun King Rising is the professional moniker of singer/songwriter/piano player John Blangero who hails from Port Isabel, Texas. PeacockSunrise Records is the Americana/Rock label spinoff of Nick Katona’s successful Progressive Rock label, Melodic Revolution. The album is produced by New York-based producer, Steven “Ace” Acker.


Tel Aviv’s doom-laden metal band TOMORROW’S RAIN has released their final single, “Into The Mouth Of Madness” featuring Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore, Arch Enemy) and Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land) from their highly anticipated debut album, “Hollow,” that’s out September 11th from AOP Records. In addition to collaborators Loomis and Farhi, the album boasts and incredible lineup of guests including members from Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ, Moonspell, Septicflesh, Draconian and more!

Scotty McCreery Announces New Single “You Time”

Triple Tigers recording artist Scotty McCreery announces his new single “You Time,” set for release Sept. 23. The new track gives fans their first look at what to expect from his forthcoming album, the follow-up to his RIAA Gold-Certified Seasons Change. A release date for the new project will be announced soon.

“I am so excited about releasing new music, especially a song that makes me think of Gabi and puts me in a joyful mood. I think we can all use a smile right now,” said the singer/songwriter.

Hear Daniel Romano’s Outfit’s “Green Eye Shade”

From a lightning bolt. From the sea. In the end of eternity, The white horse Carries no saint, no world saviour, The white horse roams free in its spectacular Human-less liberty as the aspiration of its destiny. Empty chariots, hidden in green vines, hill-like and indistinguishable from the world’s eye––the rotting fossil of the gods. There is a white horse, roaming in the green eye-shade, In a new dawning hour, through a mad reverie, bore the eyes of the kingdom, green eye-shade, In the fall of all power, rose a clear alchemy of green eye-shade. – Daniel Romano

Swedish Metal Band TRUMBITEN Release New Single Titled “Fear Me” To All Digital Platforms

Swedish metal band TRUMBITEN released their first original metal song titled “Fear Me” today to all digital outlets. The song was produced by Los Angeles producer Evan Rodaniche (Cage9) and features Nya Campos Cruz of Portuguese band Kandia on vocals.

Peter Katz Shares New Single “KMOTM”

Not to suggest that everyone needs to fall off a cliff to discover a renewed direction in life and art, but, as it turns out, it did work for Peter Katz. The accidental drop was his twisted and not a little bit painful road to making his startling new album, City of Our Lives, set for release November 25th.

Tali Shares “Back To You” Music Video Via The Vinyl District

Toronto-based R&B/Pop artist Tali shares the music video for her new track “Back To You” via The Vinyl Disctrict. The ethereal video from Stephanie Pehar captures the passionate, desirous energy of the second single from her upcoming EP, Shadows. “Back To You” is a powerful, building ballad about the process of learning and unlearning, growing up, and always finding your way back to yourself. Indie88 premiered the track, praising how it “builds with a sustained guitar line before launching into an explosive chorus.” Shadows is out September 18th.

Tali, The TVD First Date and Video Premiere, “Back To You”

Japan Born Songstress Sena Kana Drops Surprise Four Song EP

Still brimming from the release of her history-making single, “Up,” Japan-born songstress, Sena Kana, has announced the release of her new EP, Serenity.

The EP is a collection of four new songs: “Serenity,” “Undisputed,” “Believe in You,” and “Your Eyes.”

“Serenity is my idea of bringing peace to the world during these most troubling times,” shares Sena.

Noya Rao ‘Heaven Bound’

Following on from previous track ‘Pina’, ‘Heaven Bound’ is another stellar offering from the quartet, lyrically about the raw, pure and all-consuming power of love. Having been on the alternative Leeds music scene for a few years, Noya Rao have become respected purveyors of soulful, delicate soundscapes with a steady flow of exceptional releases and radio support from the likes of BBC R1, BBC R6 & Worldwide FM.

Blake Rose Releases Video For ‘Ordinary People’

Talking about the video with V Man, Blake reveals, “I originally wanted to perform this at the actual lookout you see in the single artwork, but being that it is in LA and I’m currently in Perth, that wasn’t possible. The video’s director, Matt Sav and I tried to find a location that evoked a similar feeling and vibe as the original lookout where I took this girl on our first date. I’m happy with how it turned out.”

Robert Wyatt Announces ‘His Greatest Misses’ Now Available On Vinyl For The First Time, Out October 9

On October 9 via Domino, the singular Robert Wyatt will release His Greatest Misses—a compilation spanning his decades-long career—on vinyl for the first time ever.

His Greatest Misses acknowledges that Wyatt’s career has taken place outside the limited space and definition of commercial pop success, but simultaneously recognizes that Wyatt’s non-careerist career has nevertheless proven both productive and rigorous. The collection, originally released as a Japanese edition, includes selections dating from Rock Bottom (1974) to Cuckooland (2003), although its running order is non-chronological. This makes the subtle point that Wyatt’s recordings are best considered as a non-linear catalog—a world through which the listener can move at any pace in any direction.

Ace Frehley releases “I’m Down” single ahead of ‘Origins Vol. 2’

Founding KISS guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame member Ace Frehley shared the second single from his highly-anticipated second collection of eleven rock ‘n’ roll covers titled, Origins Vol. 2, in the form of The Beatles’ 1965 b-side, “I’m Down”. Featuring John 5, the cover kicks the classic track into high gear with shredding solos and Frehley’s on-point vocals, sounding at the top of his game.

Watch Hot Snakes’ hallucinatory new video for “Not in Time”

In December of 2019 Hot Snakes self-released a very limited-edition 7″, which they sold only at shows on their UK tour that month. The a-side to this single is the excellent track “Checkmate” (which was digitally released on all DSPs by Sub Pop last year). “Not in Time,” the exclusive b-side to that single has been unavailable anywhere but that very rare 7″ UNTIL NOW!


Today, chart-topping, multi-platinum selling, Grammy-Award nominated recording artist Bryson Tiller makes his official return with the release of his new single and visual for “Inhale” which will appear on his forthcoming third studio album out this fall via Trapsoul/RCA Records.

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