Advanced Link Building Strategies to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Websites in 2020-21

Effective link building is an important part of almost all internet marketing strategies. It this post, we have addressed some of the effective link building strategies that can deliver best results for you your business in 2020-21

If you want to enhance the rankings and visibility of you web pages, and want to be on the front page of search engine results, then you will need to have proper link building planning and execution.

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Advanced Link Building Strategies

Below mentioned are some of the best link building techniques that can be of great help to grow your online business in 2020-21.

1. Guest posting

Guest posting is a time tested and effective way of creating quality links today. The steps for guest post blogging are as follows:

Prospecting – Firstly, you need to identify all the major keywords that are relevant to your business, products, or services. You should then find what people are talking about the topics related to those keywords.

Content writing – The next step is to create interesting topics by integrating the keywords in your contents. Make sure you do not make the contents look like spam by overusing the keywords.

Qualification of prospects – Now, you will need to find the relevant and high authority blogs to publish your contents and links. You can run a Google search with keywords like ‘submit article’, ‘submit your blogs’ to find the best blogs to publish your links and contents. Make sure that those blogs are somehow related to your business niche.

Reach out to the bloggers – Next you need to send them email to seek permission to publish your contents. They might have their specific set of instructions that you will need to follow for writing your posts.

Publishing Guest Posts – The articles or posts that you create must be unique and genuine. No two websites can publish the same work. It would be considered as plagiarized, and will come under violation of copyright issues. However, it is important to ensure that your contents are published on highly relevant blogs, so that you are able to reach out and engage with targeted audience. The links will be placed on bio section or in the contents.

Reach out for target audience – After publishing your posts, you can earn more mileage by sharing those post links on your social media networks. Guest posting with Blogger Outreach Benefits your business in getting faster results.

As you can see, it is not as simple as it sounds to create quality links. It is best to hire Premium Guest Post Service like Zoom Wings. They have expert content writers, internet marketers, and business development professionals to do your job.

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2. Blogger outreach services

For good results on guest posting, you will need to keep publishing posts regularly, but it is not easy to find many high authority blogs to publish contents. Some brands even pay money to the bloggers and influencers in exchange for advertising their products and services.

The best solution is to partner with Zoom Wings. They will take care of all the content writing and help your business get the best Blogger outreach benefits. They build relationships with social media influencers and bloggers having a considerable fan following.

Companies can promote and sell their products and services effortlessly in multiple ways with the help on influencers or bloggers. Blogger outreach services benefit both the brands and the bloggers, as the bloggers gets free contents, while the brands get authority platforms for publishing contents and links.

3. Internal links

Internal links are the hyperlinks that go from one page to another inside the same website. It is an effectual way to help people explore your website thoroughly.

For internal links, always consider good and captivating keywords on any page of your website, and then link it with the homepage or sales page of your website with further information and description. It makes it easier for people get to know more about your website.

Advantages of internal links

  • Enhances page authority
  • Reduces overall bounce rate of the website
  • Helps in grabbing the attention of the visitors
  • Increases website’s traffic
  • Helps to improve the indexation of the website

4. Competitor research

You should know about your competitor’s backlink strategies and link building tactics. Try to follow them and get inspired by them. Don’t try to copy their content. You can contact the websites or people that are connecting with your competitors, and offer them superior content. Convince them publish your links on their sites.

5. Guestographics

The guestographic is the process of creating infographics and publishing them on other high ranking websites. It is similar to Guest Posting but the contents will be images or infographics. It is an effective strategy to bring more traffic to your website.

Guestographic is the combination of three unique and effective digital marketing techniques that include content writing, infographics, and link building. Here again, you can contact any good Premium Guest Posting Service for creating quality contents.

This unique and productive strategy includes informative graphics, which is used to drive traffic along with unique content which helps to boost your website’s ranking and visibility. It is a productive and effective advanced link building strategy to get authority backlinks to your web pages.

6. Instructographics

Just like any usual infographic, instructographic also has informative graphics, but with some DIY tasks or other instructions. Instructographics tend to get more number of likes, shares, and leads. Your business will gain more popularity and earn backlinks due to their highly instructive and informative character.

7. Publish original research

The most advanced and productive link building strategy includes a lot of research work with original and unique content. Your research work could be in the form of a thesis or survey.

Nowadays, people want to explore and link to original research works that show relevancy to their interests. So by applying to this advanced link building technique, you can increase your website’s traffic and earn tons of backlinks.

8. Offer updated content

You should offer updated contents on a regular basis. Replace old and outdated information with new, upcoming, and trendy ideas. Think about current topics that will grab more people’s attention. It will help you increase your chances to build legitimate links. Zoom Wings offers best quality content writing services for very reasonable costs.

Are all the Guest Blog Posts links acceptable to Google?

Google has recommended again and again that links in guest blog posts should be of high relevance to the niche. In recent times, Google has suggested that guest blogging is okay, but not so in some cases.

In 2014, Google first penalized guest blog contents with dead links and with spam contents. It shows that Google is not in favor of guest blogging methods that are solely meant to manipulate the traffic from search engines. They are looking to ensure that the published contents are of true value to the readers, in order to build high relevancy on the search results.

Google’s senior webmaster John Mueller recently tweeted “I wouldn’t guest-post for links.” “Use your site to spread the word.”  If you want to enhance your Google rankings, then it is advisable that you use nofollow links.

If you write something because you want to give genuine information to the readers, then there is no need to use the nofollow links. In a nutshell, if you are guest blogging just for purpose of getting links, then it is advisable to nofollow the link, but it not required if you are publishing genuinely useful contents for the readers.


Link building is the best and the most effective SEO technique. By following the above mentioned advanced link building strategies, you can surely increase your website’s ranking and visibility, and watch your link profile thrive.

Among all the above-mentioned strategies Guest Posting Services and Blogger Outreach Services are seen as the as the best strategies for 2020-21. You can contact Zoom Wings to discuss about the best link building opportunities for your business.