Bellamia Releases “Sound Of Summer,” Produced By Justin Raisen

LA-based 17-year-old songstress bellamia releases her debut single “Sound of Summer” via KRO Records. bellamia was raised within a legacy of music – her father, grandmother, and great-grandfather are all musicians. Without any formal training, bellamia taught herself piano and started composing and writing songs at a very early age. She quickly developed her own melodic voice with a style that captures both the melancholy and beauty of adolescence. Her impressive vocal range transitions effortlessly from soulful ballads to melodic pop.


On “Sound of Summer,” bellamia teams up with producers Justin Raisen and Yves Rothman. The single was inspired by the desolate summer of 2020 and what it had in store for us. bellamia adds “the nostalgia of distant memories is what this song portrays to me as we all wish this summer could be satisfying.” Although bellamia finished the track before summer even began, her and Raisen intended on releasing at the end of summer to signify the echo of a summer passed – a summer most will never forget and might be better experienced in the past than in the present. Stay tuned for more music from bellamia soon.