The Pros and Cons of YouTube

The most popular social media platform these days is YouTube. It is not only useful for personal use, but also businesses can use it. The videos, you will upload on YouTube, will show up on both YouTube and other search engines, such as Google.

Do you want to use YouTube for either business purposes or personal use? Do you want to know the pros and cons of YouTube? We will explain both the pros and cons in this blog, so continue reading:

Pros of YouTube

1. Free to Use

It is completely free to upload and watch videos on YouTube. This allows you to experiment without worrying about the cost, so experiment until you find out what works for your business. Visit the Marketing Heaven for more ways to increase your following.

However, YouTube introduced a paid subscription service known as YouTube Premium recently. YouTube Premium allows you to play videos in the background, watch videos without ads, and you can play videos when you are offline using this service. It also gives you access to their streaming platform known as YouTube Music Premium, where you can watch YouTube Original series and movies.

This does not affect the way you upload videos to your account whether you have a free account or a YouTube Premium.

2. You Can Earn Money Through Your Videos

It is possible to earn money for your views on YouTube. You must have a Google AdSense account if you want to earn money through your videos. Use your YouTube channel to create a new Google AdSense if you do not have a Google AdSense account.

Apart from Google AdSense, you can earn money through YouTube using different ways. Some of the different ways include:

Offer Services

Selling Digital Products

Merch and Products


Affiliate Links

And much more.

3. Easy to Use

It is easy for anyone to use YouTube, meaning you can use YouTube if you do not have any computer skills. New to this social media platform? Do not worry. Why? There are tutorials on the internet that will show you how to upload YouTube videos and much more.

4. Easiest Way for Sharing Information

Use YouTube to share a good amount of information with several people in a very short time. You can entertainingly share your information in the form of:

  • Video Animation
  • Comedy Sketch
  • Music
  • And Videos.

5. Generate Backlinks

Create backlinks using YouTube as this helps boost your SEO for your website. How do you create these backlinks? Add your website’s link within the descriptions of each video you upload on your YouTube channel and/or onto your profile page. This will increase the traffic to your website as the word about your website will spread because you have your website link throughout the different areas of your channel.


1. Everything is Public

Many social media platforms are public, including YouTube. This means anyone can upload a video on YouTube, and people do not have to create an account to watch the videos you upload on your channels. That is why there could be privacy invasion issues, causing copyright issues.

2. Several Rules

All social media platforms have rules, so YouTube has several rules. Some of their rules restrict what you can do with your channel. For instance, it can be how your channel looks, what you can post on your channel, and the terms of optimization.

3. YouTube Can Disable Your Account Without Any Reason

YouTube can disable your account if you are in breach of their rules. YouTube can disable your account if:

You publish content that is in breach of the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that you must agree before creating a YouTube Channel.

Act continuously in a predatory behavior towards other people. Some of the behavior include; spam, sexual comments, and harassment.

People report your videos repeatedly for claims of copyright infringement.

Make a video that does not comply with the terms and conditions, or you copy a video idea of someone else. YouTube has the right to disable or delete your channel without providing any reason.

4. Advertisers Will Put Adds on Your Videos

This means some of your competitors can hurt your brand. How? They will run a video ad near or on your video.

There are many more pros and cons of YouTube, but we think you need to know about these. The pros and cons that weigh the most for you depend on your norms and values. Of course, it is a great idea to try out something new. Otherwise, you might never know if something is right for you.