Key Facts About Diffusers

The purpose of a diffuser is to distribute essential oils through the air of the room in which it is placed. Some of the most important benefits of aroma diffuser use include:

1. Air purification. Not only do diffusers help make the air purer, the oils that are used in them boost that purifying impact by eradicating fungus and bacteria in the air. Studies show that cinnamon bark, oregano, clove bud, and thyme are among the oils with the strongest antibiotic effect.

2. Lowers dust in the surrounding air. An aroma diffuser works to ionize the air. As a result, air quality is better because of the release of negative ions. These link together with positive ions and prompt dust particles to fall to the ground. There is an abundance of negative ions in places like the seashore as well as at high altitudes in mountainous regions.

3. Scent dispersal. A unique, integrated ultrasonic device helps break essential oils into massive numbers of micro particles. The result is a fine vapour that moves through the air quickly. It takes just moments for an entire room to be filled with a wonderful scent.

4. Humidification. The Sha and Yunique diffusers work to atmoize water and oils to bring instant humidity to the air. This is desirable since air that is drier can be the cause of respiratory problems and irritation of mucous membranes and skin dryness. Ideal humidity levels range between 40% and 60%.

5. Wonderful smells. There is no denying the effect of pleasant scents on our entire outlook. Having essential oils diffused through a room helps get rid of odours and builds an appealing atmosphere for all.

6. Enhances oil potency and quality. The ultrasonic feature in high-quality diffusers produces cold water vapour in order to prevent oils from overheating. When oils are made warm in an aroma lamp, their therapeutic impact is diminished. Also, this leads to wasted oils, which is something that nobody wants to see.

7. Distributing complete scents. When aroma lamps are used for essential oils, molecules that are less volatile remain behind in the lamp’s dish. Only those molecules that are lighter will make their way through the air and have the desired scent impact. As such, the same essential oil can produce a different aroma in a lamp than in a diffuser, which works to send the full fragrance through the room.

Furthermore, when using an diffuser, you can extract the full range of beneficial effects from essential oils, get your essential oils from Kumi. Your emotional and physical condition are sure to improve. Ultimately, aroma diffusers are sound investments that virtually pay for themselves due to the positive aspects they bring to your life. Explore our webshop and learn more about the diffuser products likely to suit your lifestyle and needs best. With a little bit of research, you are sure to find a product that brings all of the positives of essential oils to your home and offers you and your family a sense of calm and vitality that perhaps you have been seeking.