Fashionable trends and original ideas for a bridal bouquet Sydney

A wedding bouquet is the main accessory of the bride, an important and bright detail of the image on the happiest and most unforgettable day. First of all, the bouquet should be special and individual, unique and extraordinary. The choice of a bouquet is influenced by the style and season of the wedding, trends in certain shapes and colors, global trends in floristry and decor: minimalism, laconicism and naturalness. Each season has its own trendy features and colors. Thus, elegant sandy toffee and cappuccino roses in combination with the favorite powdery shades will be in trend this season. So what will the bridal bouquet Sydney look like next season? Find out in our article!

Painted flowers also don’t lose their relevance. Modern floristic colors can add the desired shade to snow-white peonies, delicate ranunculus or an elegant orchid. Fashionable anthuriums, phalaenopsis and fluffy cortaderia don’t give up their positions in bridal bouquets.

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When choosing the shape of a bridal bouquet, it is important to consider the style of the dress and the general decor of the celebration. Florists note that the large wedding bouquets are not in trend. Minimalist wedding bouquets will emphasize the tenderness of the image. It will be easy to hold in the hands during the whole wedding day.

Laconicism and elegance are also in trend, therefore mono bouquets are at the peak of popularity. Simple and luxurious at the same time, tastefully assembled, mono bouquets will be the perfect complement to a modern, stylish wedding.

A mermaid silhouette dress will perfectly complement an elongated bouquet of an original shape, or a vertical mono-bouquet of elegant calla lilies on a long leg, or modest lilies of the valley. A small, playful and light floral arrangement will suit a short cut.

The bright shades of the wedding, like purple, scarlet, indigo and others are not fashionable. Instead of them, gentle muted tones are in vogue: peach, cream, and coral. The lavender range is especially relevant this year. Natural color solutions are also fashionable: pastel, muted tones, soft, like watercolors, overflows of color.

Garden floristry in a modern interpretation is incredibly relevant in the new season: it is loved by many brides. It seems as if the bride has collected a bouquet of her favorite flowers herself. However, hidden behind this simplicity is a complex gardening style that not every florist can do. Here naturalness, airiness of the composition is needed.

Variety of flowers and the use of additional textural elements, such as berries, twigs, cones is another trend of the new season. A bouquet with an ombre effect will look sophisticated and romantic!

The ring bouquet will perfectly fit into the theme of an eco-wedding, a rustic or boho wedding. It will be eye-catching: this style can choose brave brides who dream of an unusual wedding look. You can order bouquets in the form of rings for bridesmaids.

The garland looks rich and luxurious if voluminous flowers (peonies, dahlias or roses) are woven into it. But it can be very minimalistic if it consists only of greenery and twigs with small leaves (eucalyptus, olive). A short garland of flowers can be carried in hand; it is enough to attach a ribbon to the bouquet for convenience.

Garland bouquets can be chosen for bridesmaids by repeating the style of the bride’s bouquet. Such an accessory requires a careful attitude.

Certain flowers are also the trend of the season. Phalaenopsis orchid and inverted roses are in fashion this year. Initially, roses were turned inside out to increase the volume of the bud in order to reduce the cost of decoration. Nowadays, they have become a real trend of the season.

The trendy color of this season is coral, which nods to exotic and tropical themes in wedding floristry. An original, bold bouquet is a great way to highlight the individuality of the bride, as well as bring a bright and fresh touch to the overall wedding concept.