Ay Wing (Berlin) – New single ‘Antidote’ out now

Ay Wing is back for her third single of 2020: “Antidote” featuring Shuko is a vibey, summer dream that is sure to catch fire!

Love is the antidote. In this groovy homage to being in love, Ay Wing’s lyrics transport us to that feeling or memory of being mesmerised and inspired by a person with limitless energy – someone who is completely in tune with themselves and can pull us back to the present when we are feeling far away from ourselves. Shuko, who is know for his work with major artists such as Timbaland, Anderson .Paak, Cro, Casper etc, brings his energetic, bass-driven production style while Ay Wing’s dreamy vocals and emotional, depth-driven songwriting create all the vibes for a catchy summer anthem! Ay Wing’s music offers an aura of open, positive energy.

Ay Wing herself explains the story behind “Antidote” as follows: “I wrote ‘Antidote’ when I was going through a rough patch. Fortunately, there were people around who showed me love and helped me to lift my vibrancy. It was these moments that allowed me to come back to the present instead of being stuck in my own thoughts. Going through this experience taught me the importance of self-love and loving myself for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I feel as though the antidote to many problems is love; whether it’s romantic, friendship or self-love, and it was my intention when writing “Antidote” that others would be able to feel a sense of this and be uplifted through my lyrics & the music.”

DSP – https://aywing.lnk.to/Antidote