Top Prank Apps of 2020 (For Prank Calls and New Prank Ideas)

Best Prank Call Apps

Since the first-ever prank call in the late 1800s, this favourite pastime has become somewhat of a dying art form. Due to more and more caller ID being exposed and an ever growing sensitive society, being caught making a one could land you in on the wrong side of the law.

So has prank calling disappeared for good? Read on!


Prank calling has made a marvellous comeback thanks to the geniuses at the OwnagePranks youtube channel, who’ve created their very own prank dial app. Containing well over 100 prerecorded calls with each offering a unique prank scenario, pulling off this timeless, practical joke has never been easier and perhaps more importantly safer.

Simply choose your favourite prank script like top performers ‘Stay Away From My Girl’ and ‘Embarrassing Pharmacy Order’ and ring the person you wish to prank call. Once answered, prerecordings are automated to play while you listen in and enjoy their reactions.

Prerecordings are set by a ‘Speech Recognition Technology’ AI to interact like a person normally would, leaving your friends none the wiser that it was an automated call.

Not everyone can pull off a great prank call as many are just too shy and lack the confidence to stay in-character convincingly enough throughout the call. The OwnagePranks app provides a new and exciting solution, with it’s a vast selection of recordings offered.


If you prefer to write unique content to prank strangers regularly, then above all else, maintaining anonymity should be your priority.

One careless slip by accidentally exposing a caller ID can leave enthusiastic prank callers with a bitter taste in their mouth. Recipients to the prank call could suddenly know their identity and even theoretically a person’s home address from a caller ID.

Whether you’re receiving a bang on your door at 3 am or being accused of harassment, we can all agree that’s not an ideal scenario.

Spoofcard provides a convenient and effective method of ensuring your privacy, as its primary function is to maintain anonymity every time you make a prank call. And not only that, it has other unique features that include a voice changer and voicemail application where phone calls can be sent to a person’s voicemail directly.

The app’s most prominent feature is to hide your identity during your mischievous antics by changing your caller ID into a secondary number of your choice. Your Caller ID displays information such as the caller’s number and less often their name, showing up on any Caller ID enabled device.

Prank Apps

Prank apps have entirely revolutionised on how many of us play our practical jokes. Completely unsuspecting, pulling off pranks from a smartphone is not only more convenient but has introduced tonnes of new prank ideas that have been possible otherwise.

Taser Prank Stun Gun

Not all prank mishaps have to lead to dark and gloomy outcomes; this prank app is perfect for harmless fun and even better for jumpscares.

Like the title suggests this fantastic app is a taser stun gun simulator, almost replicating a taser through your smartphone.

Prank your buddies into believing they’ve just been shocked by electricity by sneakily pressing your smartphone against their back. The app not only comes in multiple stun-gun designs but also makes a realistic taser sound and vibration indistinguishable from the real thing.

Of course, as a simulator, you’re not going to harm anyone physically. But just be prepared for some knee-jerk reactions since not everybody appreciates or reacts well from being scared witless.

Spider in phone Prank

Do you know someone who has a phobia for spiders or specifically tarantulas? Well instead of dropping by your local toy shop to buy a fake spider for an overused prank idea, use the Spider in phone prank. In only a few minutes, you can introduce a real-life spider who will suddenly walk on your friend’s homepage, inside the phone.

To pull off this prank without suspicion, you’ll need to install this app on their phone without them noticing. Afterwards, regardless of what operation your friend is performing on the phone, a tarantula will walk across their screen, guaranteeing some fantastic, memorable reactions.

Spider animations are smooth and realistic, so its unlikely not to flinch the moment you see this creepy-crawly casually stroll across while you read emails. You will also be able to set the time before spiders begin to appear.