Listen: Karolina Rose finds release in her dystopic pop – ‘Runaway Angels’

Karolina Rose is a Polish-American artist who’s called NYC, LA and various parts of Europe home over the last decade. She’s been turning heads with her wide-screen pop that perfectly soundtracks the Blade Runner-esque future descending on us all too quickly. Today, she’s releasing her second EP, Rosemary. A finely tuned collection that reflects on love, loss, and all we do to recover in it’s wake.

In her own words –

Rosemary is my middle name. It’s my second project with the world getting to know me a little more as an artist. I worked on all the music with producer Elliot Jacobson in NYC. The EP cover is a collage of all the single artwork. Each song has its own theme and a color to fit the vibe. Rosemary is a visual EP album of four different aspects of myself. The overall theme of the album is Love & Healing. What else is more important in life? Rosemary is an embodiment of who I am—my thoughts, inspirations and life experiences. It was all once a part of me, but what parts did I let go of and what do I hold on to? Each song has its own story and thus I made it into a visual album, with each song connecting in that we filmed all four storylines on a 10-trip to Croatia with two dear friends, Laura Escalante (art director) and David Millington (cinematographer).