Dee Lunar reflecting on our primal need to move to the music in new single ‘Feel The Beat’

It’s universal, it’s primal and it’s in all of us no matter our culture or creed , when we hear the beat it’s like an unconscious calling to move our bodies, that instinct has been there from the beginning of time. When North Queensland artist Dee Lunar first heard about the dance ban in her home state , she took to pen and guitar in her home studio to write and record Feel The Beat, to pay homage to that universal human need to dance and embrace music.

Sonically Feel The Beat has a darkness about it, it’s melodic and reflects Dee’s Alternative rock and 90’s musical influences with session bassist Charles Berthhoud delivering a smooth bass line and Queensland drummer Joel Clement bringing it home with his disco groove and undeniable talent and passion on the kit, taking us on a journey and making us yearn for a normal, post covid world where we can put on our dancing shoes and hit festivals, mosh pits and dance floors again.