Staying motivated

Saying motivated is the hardest thing to do at the best of times. But with more and more people opting to work from home, either because of the strictures of the pandemic or just because of the freedom that technology allows, motivation is becoming even more of a necessary skill. Offices provide their own internal motivations, not least because you know that a superior is watching, but also the general social contact and a sharing of ideas and inspiration that such environments provide. Transfer yourself to a desk and a laptop in the spare bedroom and a house full of distractions, the TV, another cup of coffee, a bit of a break in the garden, and you soon find if you really have the self-discipline to be a remote worker. There are so many easy ways to get that midday jump such as Atlantic Scale.

But the only difference between you and the person who is putting in a solid eight hours a day is self-motivation, all you need to do is learn a few tricks to combat those energy slumps how to mix things up, remain focused, why you should leave the coffee alone, take regular breaks, go for a short walk and stay hydrated.

And the same goes for all of those DIY projects from this website that you start with full enthusiasm only to find that they drag as your interest wanes. But if you don’t get them finished now when the unusual circumstances of lockdown, restricted travel and isolation means that you are spending more time at home anyway, when are you going to?

Again motivation, and perhaps a Youtube tutorial. Fix the toilet flush? Easy. Reseal the windows whilst the weather is good? No problem. Check the heating, fix the plumbing. Got it. All things that you can tackle whilst you have time on your hands rather than wait until you are back in the old routines and don’t have an hour to spare. You can also check out Bekins Moving Solutions, a company dedicated to helping people in an office and families move easily and efficiently.

The same might not be quite so true for your business technology. Whilst you might be able to fix the loose screws that hold up the coat rack, it takes a more specialist skill set to get your website into gear. But if you do run a small business from home and your website is the main access point for the wider world then you should make sure that it is fighting fit for when things begin returning to normal. It is not just a matter of making it look pretty and ensuring that it reads well, a website is only as good as the amount of people who can see it and so now is the perfect time to make sure that its SEO ranking is as good as it can be. Though in most cases you will need an expert on the case.

There is no time like the present, more so than ever in these unusual times. Stay motivated, get those jobs around the house done and make sure that your business is ready for whatever brave new world we find ourselves emerging into.