Novelty Electronic Signature Solutions for the Leading Businesses

For the past twenty years, all businesses in different parts of the worlds have been gradually integrating certain electronic solutions. One of the major trends that has been going on for quite some time now is digitalizing all the official records and storing them online or on computers instead of their usual paper form. This is considerably more effective and opens new possibilities in record keeping. Such transition saves precious time, money, space and other resources. Of course, after digitalization of the documentation is essential to incorporate special footwear for interacting with it. Signing papers is the key necessity and SignNow can become your 2020 guide to electronic signatures.

In order to make the record keeping in your firm smooth and effective, both employees and software should cooperate without issues. Without proper electronic tools to support digital documents such management might become even less efficient than it was before. The creators of SignNow have the main objective of producing an incredibly helpful and very simplistic software at the same time. If we look at those reviews that have already appeared online, the users of this program are satisfied with how handy and easy to use it is.

The Advantages of Integrating SignNow Program in Different Industries

While there is specialized software for different industries, SignNow is equally useful and necessary for any possible company. There is not a single business that does not have documents ready for signing and delivery. Thanks to modern electronic solutions, company record management becomes easier as a whole and also convenient and accessible remotely. These are just a few of the spheres that already benefit from incorporating electronic signatures:

  •  Financial companies – allowing your clients to sign the necessary paper online makes is much easier for both parties. Even inside the company, it is incredibly cost efficient and fast to sign documents electronically without dealing with loads of physical paperwork;
  •  Educational institutions – everyone knows how many requests and official documents circulate inside schools and colleges every day. There are thousands of foreign students in various international schools and for them it is highly inconvenient to sign important documents on paper. Implementing digital solutions is helpful for both school administration, teachers and students. In addition, in case of situations like when a pandemic happen, electronic documentation might be the only option for providing education;
  •  Medical services – even the least serious doctor appointment involves paperwork, not to mention important surgeries and other issues. To be fair, even when going on a simple appointment you would want to receive your treatment as quickly as possible without having to sit there and fill in tons of papers. Thanks to electronic signatures, you can finish the documents in advance or just easier.

Apart from the companies mentioned above, any existing enterprise will undoubtedly benefit from including electronic signature solutions in their operation. Instead of paying for various services that cover such essential processes as storing documents, editing, delivering and signing them, it is more effective to choose a software product that does it all. SignNow offers wide functionality without lacking in quality of services. Here are some reasons why people choose this software:

  •  Understandable for any employee – each company worker has different level of computer knowledge and it is often difficult to implement new technology as people have to adjust to it. Luckily, SignNow is easy to utilize for everybody and there is no need to train your workers to use this program;

• Customer friendly solutions – even if employees still have time and possibility to get used to the new software, the majority of clients will have to use it for the first time when signing papers remotely or even at the office. This is why SignNow is built in a way that any client will find it easy to work with;

• Supreme safety – company documents are incredibly important and require the safest storage you can get. No matter how convenient and safe it is to store files in cloud databanks, it is still important to be careful. SignNow provides high quality protection for your documents both in storage and while editing or distributing them;

• Diverse access – implementing certain software inside the company often means that you will have access to it only from the company computers. This might cause many difficulties as it is important to have a quick access to all the necessary files. Luckily, the SignNow developers have provided different versions of the same software for multiple platforms. Thanks to this, it is possible to work with your documents both from computer or laptop and a portable device running on iOS or Android.

The Possibilities of SignNow Software for Working with Documents

Multifunctionality if one of the key advantages of this software. It allows completing many different tasks with the tools available in the program. Here are some of the main features that companies use for document management:

• Various signing methods – for further convenience the users of SignNow can choose their preferred way of making a signature. You can take a picture of your signature or use a scan and upload it into the system, write a signature with the cursor or a finger, or write your name;

• Making attachments – often documents have to have some type of additional files and sending them separately might be inconvenient. This system allows sending files with attachments and requesting enclosed documents from other people;

• Allowing customization – as a creator of a document, you can choose which parts can be edited by the recipients. By including editable fields, you will allow other people edit them specifically.