Not Nemo’s first Single “Dance With Me”

21-year-old vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Not Nemo makes his international debut with his single “Dance With Me” (August 14, 2020).

Living and breathing music from the age of three, Not Nemo has always stayed true and faithful to his light-hearted thirst for exploration and discovery. His debut single “Dance With Me” not only embodies his creative nature and playfulness, but also showcases his self-taught writing and production skills – an optimistic tune with slightly shuffled beats, a playful percussion section, and vintage guitar licks combined with catchy melodies.

The music of “Dance With Me” invites you to dance, and the lyrics invite you to think, to take a second look at the people around you and not be too quick to judge. “This is a song for all the people who would never dance with you – be it in a club, at a party or perhaps even on TikTok,” says Not Nemo. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to not want to dance with everyone. But often we pretty easily misjudge people at first sight, based on our prejudices.” Not Nemo hopes his music encourages people to stay authentic and to embrace the small things in life, especially in today’s superficial online world.