It is better to travel well…

One of the things that most people regret when they come to look back at their lives is that they didn’t travel more. Coming out of the confinement of this year’s lockdown situation and even now still being subject to all manner of restrictions seems only to have reinforced this thought in many peoples minds. It is true that you can’t take it with you, as they saying goes, so why not convert that hard earned cash into mental images and fond memories, chance encounters and the occasional unexpected new friend that you can carry around in your head for the rest of your life? You will probably be using public transit while traveling be sure to check out Bekins Moving Solutions.

I was lucky, as a younger man I managed to find the money to travel and I soon realised that travelling is all about mindset. The joy of travelling is really summed up in the Buddhist adage, “It is better to travel well, than to arrive.” That is, don’t think of the whole point of travelling as being about getting somewhere. The destination is just the by-product of the journey and it is the journey which is the be all and end all.

One of the advantages of traveling in my younger days was the freedom. Jobs were just a way of finding the funds to make the next adventure happen. There were even times which I worked as I traveled, get this right and you can support yourself for months at a time making the journey up as you go and making new plans depending on what jobs are available and which new opportunities open up for you. An amazing resource for finding jobs while traveling is this website. In the past this has been dubbed variously as being on the hippy-trail, being a back-packer, working your passage and today it has the grand title of being a travel influencer. Whatever you call it, it is easier than you think.

You can even turn the skills you already have from your own hobbies and pastimes to your advantage. If you are a seasoned skier or snowboarder, have a couple of languages to your name, can scuba dive or even have experience in the hospitality industry, then you already have very useful transferable skills. I remember sitting on the edge of the heat line in Iceland, watching the birds flying across a dimming sky, laughing at the fact that I was here because I was willing to clean hotel rooms and could make a good coffee. Not a bad trade-off.

The key is confidence but you soon find that the world has far more similarities than it has the things that separate us. Language is less of a problem for English speakers than you think and it doesn’t take long to work out how to travel like a globe-trotter than a tourist, how to not stand out too much as in some areas of the world that might draw unwanted attention.

To travel or not to travel, that is the question? And whilst sometimes travelling might seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t take long to learn a few basic rules, discover a few tricks, such as working remotely in your current job or embrace the fun of employment-hopping as you go. But you shouldn’t let anything get in your way. See the world, it’s an exciting place.