Victoria Owsnett Kicks Off Solo Career With ‘Thrones’ By Author Sasha Davies

Victoria Owsnett is the up and coming electro-pop sensation revitalising our playlists with a synth-soaked summer anthem. Hailing from the North East of England, Victoria has been writing and producing her own music for over six years as her distinctive electro-pop sound continues to flourish. Citing influences such as Fickle Friends, Lorde, London Grammar and CHVRCHES, Victoria expands on a canon of strong female vocalists dominating the synth-pop scene at present. In both her persona and vocal prowess, it’s safe to say Victoria Owsnett is deserving of a place amongst that list. No rookie to the music scene, Victoria’s sensational vocals have fronted her band ‘AXLS’ for over a year as her signature vocal style was elevated with the support of bandmates Chris and Conrad. Venturing out on her own, Victoria’s latest release is a pivotal moment for the up and coming musician, as ‘Thrones’ kicks off her solo career with a synth-soaked bang.

‘Thrones’ is the powerful pop single inaugurating Victoria as an important artist to watch this year. Overflowing with spacious synths and pounding drum lines, ‘Thrones’ is an undeniably catchy pop hit that is bound the have you hitting the replay button time and time again. Yet Victoria offers both surface and substance with this infectious anthem; the lyrics are a perceptive delve into the toxic nature of popularity from the perspective of someone “at the bottom of the food chain.” Evoking vivid imagery of hierarchical structures, Victoria offers up an anthem for all of us who didn’t feel like we quite belonged back in school. Flipping the script, Victoria then turns the tables to empower those of us who can relate, describing the refreshing revelation that there is no popularity contest in real life, we are good enough just as we are. Mixed and mastered by the incredible Kyle Martin at The Garage Studios, ‘Thrones’ is an expertly crafted journey through Victoria’s creative genius. Exploding with striking synths, Kyle’s production creates a skilfully layered, spacious soundscape for Victoria’s dynamic vocals to rule over. Where ‘Thrones’ may denounce the “plastic shells” that make up false popularity, Victoria’s vocals deserve the pedestal that Kyle’s production places them upon. Rife with emotional and dynamic range, Victoria’s vocal performance is both enticingly intimate and completely commanding. This captivating debut from Victoria Owsnett sets the tone for the up and coming artist, as she embarks on a journey of collaborations and solo singles this year. With a recent collaboration with US artist John John – a luscious lo-fi track with beautifully simple vocal refrains – Victoria is set to infiltrate our airwaves this year and if her debut single is anything to go by, we’re more than happy to have Victoria take her place on our musical golden throne.