Jay Stott Colliding on the Scene with “Wreckage of Now”

Jay Stott is a man of many talents who has seen and done a lot in his lifetime. Everything from a ski instructor, fishing guide, bus driver, brick layer, carpenter, hot tub technician, retail worker, raft guide, janitor, heavy equipment operator, house painter to a vacuum cleaner salesperson, airport shuttle driver, bouncer in a strip club, wanna be novelist, newspaper writer, security guard and a bunch of other stuff he can’t remember, it’s safe to say Jay has worn many hats over the years. Currently Jay Stott is a High School English Teacher and singer/songwriter, so he’s now molding minds & songs!

Jay Stott may have held a lot of professions in the past, but after listening to “Wreckage of Now” it is quite evident that Jay has a deep connection to music. The passion comes pouring out of Jay as soon as you hit play. The listener will sense that Jay Stott has a real knack for writing catchy, thoughtful tunes and “Wreckage of Now” is a perfect example of that. This brand new single for Jay Stott has a real laid-back demeanor that comes across as fun & loose. Elements of country and rock are detected on “Wreckage of Now” where a cool, rootsy vibe is in place. The overall sound is quite pleasing to the ears as Jay Stott has a way of pulling you in through the enticing melodies.


Jay Stott is on a collision course toward a promising music career with his latest single. “Wreckage of Now” appears to have no damage done to the interior of the song and the exterior comes across as spotless. Jay Stott is well on his way to becoming a dominant force in the world of Americana music. With his songwriting ability, solid chops and fine playing, Jay Stott can’t lose! Check out “Wreckage of Now” for yourself to see what this musical heap & hype is all about!


By Jimmy Rae (https://skopemag.com/?s=Jimmy+Rae)