New England’s Vincent Tesoro Captures Tragedy in New Video “Home Alone”

Vincent Tesoro follows up his most recent single Home Alone with visuals directed by Studio138 Visual Productions. The video portrays a fictional story of a man torn between staying in a toxic relationship or being alone. “The whole song pretty much came together like magic during the pandemic. I captured this moment after a tragic event that caused me to reflect on my past and to appreciate the relationship I am currently involved in” says Vincent. The song is produced by Balloon Beats and was originally made for an interlude but was so relatable and different that it became the first single in Vincent’s transition to a new sound.

“I heard Iann Dorr & MGKs song “Sick And Tired” and I was in love with the influence of rock and hip hop in one genre. It was something I wanted to incorporate into my own production and from that point on I have tried to mix multiple genres in every beat I create” says Balloon Beats. The video has authenticity with subtle imagery and dramatic effects to capture the misery and deceit of a person trapped in a vicious cycle. “For the record I would like to say my heart goes out to the victims of these experiences and we as a nation need to work together as one to eliminate the violence. Unfortunately this happens in the world we live in and I pray we find healthier coping skills and ways to escape these types of relationships” says Vincent.