Jimmy Rae Goes Behind The Scenes with Bob & Margie Rose to Discuss “InstaBAND”

Prepare yourself for the musical ride of your life as Bob and Margie Rose bring to you an exciting, new music documentary called “InstaBAND”. Directed by Bob Rose, this film will encourage the artists of today by providing a helpful insight into the wild world of streaming. Get ready for “InstaBAND” knowledge & instant results as many will be “Surviving the Streaming Revolution” once and for all! Be sure to SKOPE out the Official Teaser Trailer for “InstaBAND” right here before we dive into the interview:

J Rae: I read that “InstaBAND” is your first film together and so that has to be extra special in itself. This would literally be a true labor of love I’d have to imagine. What was the overall experience like working together as a film-making couple for the very first time?

Bob & Margie Rose: Working together on “InstaBAND” has made us both better filmmakers and also it brought us closer as a couple. Almost all of the movie was completely filmed by us alone and the editing process was completely on us, so win, lose or draw we knew it was on our shoulders. We spent a solid year and a half on the film and it gave us both a central focus on something we were building together. ~Bob

It was an amazing experience to be a part of this creative journey with Bob! Filming and producing “InstaBAND” with Bob gave me a new appreciation of the film-making industry as well as a new understanding of all the time, energy and creativity that goes into making a movie. When any two people work together there are always challenges that come along with the process but, being able to work together as a couple to capture the stories of the different music artists and turn that into a film was extremely uplifting for me. ~Margie

J Rae: “InstaBAND” offers the viewer an excellent concept which centers around an artist’s struggle to remain constant amidst a social media & cell phone age. What an intriguing and very relevant topic, so have to ask how this idea came about originally?

Bob & Margie Rose: When I directed my first film “Functional Fitness”, I learned quite a bit about the new way of filmmaking where the filmmaker holds the power of what happens with your film. I read a lot of books and listened to a ton of podcasts. I found this knowledge transitioned over to music in a big way so we focused our attention on the music artists and how they hustle in this world of streaming. ~Bob

J Rae: With “InstaBAND” officially being released on July 28, 2020, I did notice that you guys also had a live, Tampa Premiere showing at Reboot Arcade Bar in Dunedin, Florida. What were the plans for this event and what were your overall expectations regarding this date and venue?

Bob & Margie Rose: We planned the premiere at Reboot to be able to have a live showing of “InstaBAND”. Due to COVID restrictions, we weren’t able to do a large premiere like we had hoped. We were able to watch “InstaBAND” in a fun, safe and controlled environment. The Tampa premiere was everything we expected it to be and more. ~Margie

We are actually currently filming a documentary movie about Arcade Bars called “Token Taverns” and Reboot is one of the bars we are focusing on. Reboot was kind enough to host us and it became a super meta event where we were actually filming for 2 doc movies at the same time. We even got a special appearance from my good friend Stormy Daniels, so it was a great night! ~Bob

J Rae: The music documentary features 4 talented musicians: Paul McDonald, Sam Tinnesz, Ray Wimley and Charlotte Sands. How and why did these artists get chosen for roles in “InstaBAND” and how did their own personal journeys lead them to getting a spot in the film?

Bob & Margie Rose: Finding the artists for “InstaBAND” was a very organic process. I found Ray by catching one of his performances in New Orleans when I was there for the night. It was literally the 2nd thing I filmed. We really got lucky finding Ray because of his amazing lyrical skills which led to him going viral when he freestyled with Common on the streets of New Orleans. We found Paul McDonald, Sam Tinnesz, and Charlotte Sands through the company Nashville Unsigned. Amber Stoneman hand picked some of the stand out stars that are represented in the film and it paid off in a big way. Amber was so helpful with all our filming in Nashville that she became an Associate Producer on the film. ~Bob

J Rae: These two questions are specifically for Bob Rose. First, I see that you have over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry and so would you care to tell the Skope Universe about some of your prior projects? My second question is about your Directorial debut back in 2016 when you made “Functional Fitness”. What was this film about and how did this experience help in later creating “InstaBAND”?

Bob Rose: Being in the entertainment industry I have been lucky to work on some pretty awesome projects. I helped produce the reality series “Two-A-Days” for MTV as well as winning an EMMY for their documentary series “True Life.” I also worked for 10 years with HBO Boxing on projects with everyone from Oscar De La Hoya, to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. For the past 5 years I have had the privilege to edit for the Super Bowl and it’s always my favorite gig of the year.

The first documentary film “Functional Fitness” is about Crossfit and the emotional and physical impact it has on the lives it touches. My experience with “Functional Fitness” showed me that I could make a film almost completely by myself. It was an extreme hustle filming and editing this movie which really prepared me for doing “InstaBAND” but this time I brought my wife into the process.

J Rae: After the documentary, “InstaBAND”, was complete, what what was it like for both of you to view the film in its entirety and can you share your personal thoughts & reactions?

Bob Rose & Margie Rose: It was so surreal for me to watch “InstaBAND” once it was completed. Seeing the finished product after all of the hard work that went into creating the movie was a whole new experience for me. I couldn’t believe that I had a part in making this movie come to life. ~Margie

Until the first public viewing it’s really hard to enjoy your movie. You are always looking for something to tinker with. Now that “InstaBAND” is in the world we can really sit back and enjoy the film for what it is. ~Bob

J Rae: What do you hope viewers will take from watching “InstaBAND” and what can the audience expect to see when watching your film?

Bob & Margie Rose: Our hope is that those who view “InstaBAND” will gain a better understanding of how hard the music artists work to provide us with the music content that we enjoy as well as how to support the artists that we love. ~Margie

When you see that artists aren’t making money from streaming and that is the main way you listen to music, it really makes that T-Shirt purchase much more important. ~Bob

J Rae: Besides the talented artists and music professionals involved with this project, have there been any others in the music industry expressing their interests in “InstaBAND”?

Bob & Margie Rose: We have been very pleased with the reactions we have received from other music artists, producers, and even DJ’s across the country. The underlining comment we have gotten from them is that finally their is a documentary about the current music business from the music artists’ perspective. ~Bob

J Rae: With the official release date on July 28th, can you please tell the Skope readers where they can find “InstaBAND” and purchase a copy for themselves?

Bob & Margie Rose: “InstaBAND” is nationwide and can be watched on almost all streaming platforms. The two main places to get the movie are on Amazon and iTunes. ~Margie

iTunes: https://rb.gy/mlvqdy

Amazon: https://rb.gy/cwefqk

J Rae: I always like to end on a positive note with my interviews, so here we GO! How can “InstaBAND” change the lives of artists moving forward and what can people take from the film that would not only benefit the lives of musicians everywhere but also for humankind around the world?

Bob & Margie Rose: Our goal with “InstaBAND” was to tell the story and hustle of today’s music artists, but to tell it through their eyes. These artists drop a ton of knowledge bombs and I feel that any music artist could watch “InstaBAND” and really get a lot of help and tips on ways to improve their music career from every perspective. ~Bob

The amazing thing about “InstaBAND” is that overall it can be applied to any content creator in the world today. It doesn’t matter if you are making music, movies or writing a book. In this digital age, getting your art out to the masses is a challenge and without the support of fans everywhere we wouldn’t have the success we crave. ~Margie


By Jimmy Rae (http://www.skopemag.com/?s=Jimmy+Rae)