How to choose a dog house for your dog?

Dogs get happy to have a doghouse for them. Doghouses are the best gift that the dog owners can gift to their dogs. Your dogs love to be around you the whole day as they can be your best companion, but they also need to spend a little time with themselves, and for this purpose, you can buy a doghouse for your dog. Care of my dog is the best thing I can do as a dog lover.

When it comes to buying the dog house for your dog, a person is always concerned about the dog’s right size. Getting a smaller or bigger house for your dog is never recommended, as both situations are not favorable for the dog. So you need to have the right size dog house for your dog. There should be a balance between the sizes of the doghouse for your dog.

You need to consider a few points while choosing the right doghouse for your dog. Some of the most significant points which you need to focus on are as follows.

1. The dog house roof should be almost 25% taller than the dog

As far as the roof of the doghouse is concerned, it should be 25% taller than the dog’s length. This factor is essential to help the dog stand in the dog house more comfortably.

2. The doghouse door should be 25% shorter than the shoulder height of the dog

The smaller the entry, the more the temperature can be controlled. Therefore the dog house door should be almost 25% shorter than the shoulder height of your dog. Small passage and entryways help to control the temperature. Dogs have a natural capability of lowering their shoulders, so you should not worry about your dog.

3. The dog house should be longer than the dog’s body length

This is necessary so that the dog may stretch to the fullest while relaxing in its dog house. There should be space for the dog to wag its tail.

Moreover, you can choose two dog houses for your dog. They can be purchased with a little effort.

Materials to be used for the dog house

You need to choose the right material to build a great dog house for your dog. The material to be selected depends on the following factors.

  • Longevity of the material
  • Material should be waterproof
  • Material should be chew proof.
  • Some useful extras to consider when buying a dog house

You can add some extra things to the dog house to make it more comfortable for your dog.

1. Insulation

If you live in a climate with extreme weather, it is good to have insulation in a dog house. Insulation can help the best in extreme hot or cold weather.

2. Dog beds

A dog house is a great gift you can give to your dog, but placing toys can have additional benefits to the dogs. The dogs can find it comfortable to sleep over the bed and to feel relaxed. Therefore you can add a bed to the dog house to enhance comfort.