Zoë Moss Drops Third Single From Debut EP, Check Out “The Jackal”

For some, life begins after a first kiss or a first concert or a first road trip. For others, it begins after college or the moment they lay eyes on their first-born child. For Zoë Moss, life began when she was hit by a Manhattan taxi-cab in 2011.

The accident left Moss with a concussion – but also a desire to explore the underbelly of New York’s artistic society. Moss then entered an experimental period, combining the production styles of hip-hop music with the melodic and lyrical style of her indie rock roots. Subsequently, she found her sound: a seamless blend of warehouse grunge and pop sensibilities.

Now, the Brooklyn-based songstress has released “The Jackal,” the third single from her forthcoming EP, Stories.

“This song is about a relationship that ended without any closure,” shares Moss.

DSP – https://sym.ffm.to/the-jackal