Flippin’ Gothic Fabp New Single ‘Stages Of A Name’

Flippin’ Gothic Fabp delivers pure fire on the hard-hitting lyricism of “Stages Of A Name”. The sheer physicality of the sound further emphasizes the power of his words. Bass positively crushes everything in its path for volume is a must. A slight riff intermingles within the intense groove further adding to the disorienting experience. Panning emphasizes his commanding presence for his vocals have a tight, taut quality to them. Cymbal crashes and snares help to keep the rhythm crisp, colossal, with an uncanny rawness to them that feels uniquely satisfying.

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Everything begins immediately. No intro, just plain a massive wall of sound washes over the listener. From there it all hits with incredible dollops of distortion. The rumbling through further works wonders while his vocals seemingly rise above the din. Production has shifted a bit from his earlier output in that there is additional sonic playfulness, the pitched-up vocals and the panning of said vocals adds to the strange, hypnotic quality of the piece. Exploration occurs in earnest about digital distribution, the way that music has changed and how it arrives. By letting the lyrics focus on the world at large, the virus and the need for distance, the track captures the confusing zeitgeist as it powers on through.

“Stages Of A Name” offers a powerful take on the wildness that defines the world right now, showing Flippin’ Gothic Fabp to be a deft storyteller.

Website: https://x-caladepromotionz.bandcamp.com/