Gutta Slim New Single “Snatchin Purses” off his 1st official release for “Ella Mae Grandbaby”

Gutta Slim captures the zeitgeist on the sheer fire of “Snatchin Purses (feat. Ooh Lawd)”. Lyrics go for a piercing take on the political climate with razor sharp insight into the ruling class’s corruption. Focus on the inherent cruelty of the Trump administration, the flows have a flawless sense of truth to power. Arrangements are kept to the absolute essentials for they effortlessly accentuate the strength of their argument of the undeniable inequality that existed within the United States. Beyond this, it also emphasizes the stark difference of outcomes regarding the toll that COVID 19 has taken on millions of people, causing needless suffering and death due to an administration’s overwhelming incompetence.

Not a moment is wasted for Gutta Slim immediately sets the tone. The ominous tenor of the track comes from the stately riffs employed with the greatest of ease. Vocalists settle into the groove riding the beat with such tremendous ease. Everything fits together flawlessly creating a flow that comes directly from the heart. Absolutely nothing is held back for the great amount of detail further adds to the sense of dread that has been a way of life for people for literally years. Done with care, Gutta Slim and Ooh Lawd deliver a strong rebuke to the brutal ways people in power have acted with impunity.

“Snatchin Purses (feat. Ooh Lawd)” proves to be a blistering indictment of the harsh treatment tens of millions have suffered in the past, showing off Gutta Slim’s thought-provoking lyricism.