Hear Sophia Knapp’s “Flying Low” from her summer Retrograde Releases

“‘Flying Low’ is a letter to an ex in song form. I ask, “If we had done things differently, would we still be together?” In parting ways, sometimes there is no resolution, and the only way forward is to gracefully accept the unanswered questions.

I think we dwell in a multiverse, where varying outcomes spring forth from any given moment. Our paths forward are driven by both the choices we make and the divine chaos of the world. I seek to reconcile what has happened with what could be through quiet contemplation in nature. The message I consistently receive: nothing living is static. Love changes shape.

I’m sharing ‘Flying Low’, a reflection on choice, while Jupiter is in retrograde, since this transit encourages turning inward to find direction. It’s tempting to rely on the sheer speed of life to get by. When we make space just to be, we can hear the wisdom within and re-commit to the brilliance of our big-picture vision. Astrologer Rose Theodora describes Jupiter as an embodiment of faith and guiding beliefs. This retrograde period, which lasts from May 14th – September 13th, is an opportunity to see if our actions are in service of our dreams and clear the brush of self-sabotage accordingly.” – Sophia Knapp

DSP – https://ffm.to/flyinglow