Alana Joanne’s new single “Dirrty Diamonds” is out now!

Alana Joanne is an Australian Dirty Pop Singer, Songwriter and Performer who prides herself in her sensuality, confidence, love of live performance and using her music to speak for the voiceless. A stylistic blend of Lady Gaga, Amy Lee of Evanescence and Kesha, her work varies from dirty pop bangers, through to emotionally haunting ballads, such as her 2019 release Blue which explores her experience with domestic violence. Alana has an array of singles yet to be released in the remainder of 2020.

Dirrty Diamonds is a gritty retro upbeat pop track about overcoming trauma and finally understanding your own worth. This track takes Alana Joanne’s pop sensibilities to the next level, an anthem for those who overcome their haters and develop self love. The lyrical content is close to Alana’s heart; “Diamonds are formed under pressure, extreme circumstances, so for all of us who were ever told weren’t good enough, we would never amount to anything, you’re too fat or too skinny, too poor, too different, ugly or stupid, or just downright bullied and belittled, this is our anthem”. Dirrty Diamonds is dark yet uplifting song that will have you listening along or tapping your feet at any moment. (200 words)

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