Wallish Makes A Soulful Debut With Her Single ‘Cry’

Cry reflects on the current moment Wallish found herself in after recovering from addiction and dealing with mental illness. “After learning the daily life skills I failed to learn as a young adult I found myself ready to go out and spread my wings – but terrified to do so.” The recording of ‘Cry’ to place in two home studios – the instrumental in one and the vocals in another giving the single a slightly low-fi, grungy quality.


Edmonton based singer Wallish, and Toronto based producer Troy Marshall began writing music during the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. Although they had never met in person, there was instant creative chemistry and the music flowed out of the duo.

Cry is an introduction, giving a taste to the public of what is to come – and trust me, these two have bigger and better things right around the corner. Edgy yet raw, Wallish makes a vulnerable and soulful debut with ‘Cry’.

Audio link: https://open.spotify.com/track/382rtR098PLTGsHTFXAFDk