How to lose weight quickly?

Lose weight quickly? Possible! You just need to follow the right slimming tips.

Understanding slimming diets

You can disentangle the true from the false to find the slimming and balanced diet that will help you find the silhouette of your dreams. Rather sporty, do not forget the protein in your diet. Rather than sedentary, we focus on vegetables! To each way of life its regime to find the line. Here we go for a guide to the most fashionable diets of the moment but also the most dangerous because we know it: we do not mess with our health!

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The first tip to follow: drink water. Lots of water to remove.

In the oubliettes fruit juices and other sodas. These contain on average a hundred calories per glass. Without realizing it, we can easily gain weight or retain water if we abuse sugary drinks; while drinking a lot of water (pure and still) eliminates the excess water.

Another essential: consider doing regular physical activity. Sport is your ally to lose weight quickly.

Also, discover the diets:

The cabbage soup diet favors a single menu as its name suggests. Thanks to a strong intake of cabbage, it promises rapid weight loss.

Cinderella Solution

The pineapple diet

The banana diet

The mushroom diet

The apple diet

Find the best sports to slim down and say goodbye to extra pounds.

Finally, we give you a thousand: if you want to lose weight quickly, adapt your diet to your activity and your metabolism.

Proteins are the allies of athletes, and green vegetables are ideal if you want to lose weight quickly.

Also bet on fat-burning foods: green tea, lemon, pineapple… These powerful antioxidants help shed extra pounds.

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You will discover in our special file, all the tips of stars to lose weight quickly, slimming recipes and tips for choosing a sport to lose weight.

Eat-in a calm environment

Sit down to the table, and leave aside your smartphone, TV, or laptop! Because it is proven: when we eat while being distracted, we eat a lot more!

Take the time to chew

We keep telling us: we must chew food well before swallowing it. This will give your stomach time to feel full and you will be full more quickly.

Brush your teeth right after eating

It is psychological: when you wash your teeth after eating, you are generally less tempted by gluttony (perhaps lazy by the way).

Losing weight fast: what are the risks for my health?

And then, because you need to be fully informed, Cosmo also gives you the risks of a quick diet so that your experience does not turn into a nightmare.

Finally, like everyone at their own pace, Cosmo invites you to test yourself to find out what your diet is.

Slimming diets, slimming exercises, and new habits discover a tailor-made slimming program to lose weight quickly.