Nashville based singer-songwriter Caitlin Quisenberry new single “Imogene”

Undoubtedly, Nashville singer-songwriter Caitlin Quisenberry is blessed with one of the most exciting and fresh voices in country music today. Her latest single entitled “Imogene” confirms that fact with Caitlin’s entrancing vocals.


A fun, up-tempo and quirky song telling the story of a girl who is so beautiful, she even makes the name Imogene cool. While listening to the track, the feeling of awe or jealousy sweeps over us while imagining this girl Imogene. It brings out a feeling that is so relatable, as we have all had that one person we are in awe of. Caitlin sings, “I imagine I’m Imogene, ya I’m her and he’s holding me…” With a guitar twang and sweeping production, Caitlin’s sweet vocals nourish our souls delivering a visual listening experience. Given the fun nature of the daydream-like song, “Imogene” will be paired with an animated music video capturing the full essence of the story. The video is being animated by the expertly talented Hollywood cartoonist, Tom Schneiders.

“It (Imogene) brings back all those feel-good memories of an old high school crush and that butterfly feeling you get early on in a relationship. But most of all, I love the creative liberty this song has allowed me to take, as there is nothing more valuable than fostering and utilizing our imaginations.” ~Caitlin Quisenberry