Los Angeles Indie Rock Band Explores The Highs & Lows of Love in New Single “Flying High”

Relationships are hard and there’s no way around it. Beloved indie rock band Kuwalla rocks even harder in their new hit “Flying High,”. You feel the raw emotion from the start; written about the ups and downs of a relationship, “Flying High” feels the way it feels when your relationship hits a ‘low’ point after having been high for so long. With what started out as a voice memo on the lead singer’s Iphone, the song offers a refreshingly wavy surf rock vibe. The new sound for Kuwalla still caters well to their fan base of indie and alternative rock lovers.


Letting go of bad habits plays a huge role in making steps forward in any relationship. It makes it clear that they’re ready to improve and to find compromise in order to make it work. Love is painful but with it, comes so much growth. The band does an incredible job of capturing the sadness that was felt when the song was originally written. The surf rock mood pairs seamlessly with the ebbs and flows of a tough relationship almost as if to replicate the ebbs and flows of ocean waves. Much like a relationship, the ocean can be scary and turbulent but ultimately, if you explore long enough, you’ll find that it’s filled with endless beauty.

DSP: https://open.spotify.com/track/11yGZ0injWJlicIPBRbz1g