Agent blå Return With “Atopos”

Swedish “death pop” purveyors Agent blå have shared “Atopos”, the title track of an EP due out October 2nd via Kanine Records. Since 2017 Agent blå (pronounced agent blue) have been building a reputation on soundscapes that exude heartbreak, frustration, and a sense of uneasy detachment. “Atopos” is no different. Through cascading guitar lines and a wall of drum skins and low end, “Atopos” serves up a consumingly bleak palate for Emelie Alatalo’s cut-to-the-core vocals that reflect “it was a privilege to never make sense to you.” Alatalo encapsulates the track as being about “heartache and fostering the thought that youʼre deservant of it, because thatʼs what youʼve been taught.” The result is icy cool and a fitting introduction to the lyrical and sonic themes that weave throughout the upcoming Atopos EP.

The three recordings on the Atopos EP are deep and textured in a way unlike anything Agent blå have done previously. The pop sensibility is still there but it’s wrapped in interweaving arrangements to be unpacked on repeated listening. Alatalo explains how the developing connection between the band members creates the complexity of these singles, “Each member of the band adds their own layer to the sound, each addition bringing a new unique perspective. Nothing would sound the same if you removed one of us from the writing process.”