Pop/folk songstress AMERICA JAYNE creates a mosaic from a shattered relationship in new single “Boy”

Often, the aftermath of a broken relationship scatters sharp pieces of memories across the lives of those involved. Displaying the reflection of past memories and love lost, the pieces sting and leaves wounds only healed by the sore pain of time. In the slow act of moving on we create some of the most beautiful art, gently displayed in pop/folk artist America Jayne’s new single “Boy”.

Soft-hearted and sweet, New York’s America Jayne seeks comfort in her own deep exploration of the role each person played in a relationship that turned sour. Her acoustic guitar finds a temperate rhythm and pleasing melodies, yet is still on the modest side of her capabilities as a solo musician.

America Jayne, elaborates on the single with “‘Boy’ is about a broken relationship and the guilt associated with its estrangement.The song explores this relationship from childhood (‘You built cathedrals, lego houses piece by piece’) to adulthood (‘I’m coming home tomorrow, will our love still be hollow?’). At its core, this song is about being honest with your role in an absent relationship in order to recover from the undeniable damage.”

DSP – https://open.spotify.com/album/2EJCVJnE4VAwWY7BVQTeE4