Most Common Types of Gambling Fraud

Online Casinos are one way to shoot your shots into becoming a millionaire, or go broke in an instant! It’s fun, convenient, and easy. And the bad guys also know that. Well, gambling is, with no doubt, risky and dangerous, and that’s part of the thrill. But in online gambling, this risk takes a different form than for its players. And one of the best ways to be safe in the online casino world is to get to know where you should be playing. You can check out this list of the major sites you can safely play on, 사설 토토 사이트.

Another way to keep those nefarious individuals away from your account is to know what you should exactly look out for. If they know who to pry on, you should know their tactics better. Here are the most common types of gambling fraud.

Excessive Bonus

Who doesn’t like to receive a bonus? Online casino scam sites give away new signup bonuses, coupons and other attractive offers, which are an excellent way to attract new players. The more enticing and major bonuses they give, the more hooked the players are. So, think if what the site is promising is too good to be true. The next time you’re given a bonus trip to the Bahamas, think if it is worth all of your information.

Multiple Accounts

Another effective way of frauds infiltrating the system is by creating hundreds of individual accounts. Using fake credentials, they can easily cheat the system and influence the results in favor of or against one particular player.


This tactic also uses multiple accounts to help one player win. The other accounts are used to lose deliberately so one can pocket all the wins and bonuses that go with it, but in reality, it all belongs to one person!

Attacking the system itself is one thing, and payment scams are another. Here are payment attacks to watch out for:

Stolen Credit Cards

Don’t just put in your credit card information without first verifying if the site is legit and safe! Fraudsters use stolen card information to top up their account. This means they can use your money to pocket real wins.


And it doesn’t end there. After the fraudsters have already topped their account, they can request a chargeback from the credit card provider, so they can get refunded at the online gambling provider’s expense.

Phone Top Up Abuse

Another convenient way to deposit money into your online casino site is through phone top-up. You can pay using phone credit or by phone bill. If your online casino offers phone top-up, fraudsters can call burner phone holders, and trick them into topping up their balance, which goes to fund their gambling accounts.

With that being said, you can now keep your account safer. Another way to make the online casino world more secured is to know which ones to go to. You can check this guided list of safe sites so you can get the most out of your online bets, 멀티 토토 토토사이트 먹튀검증.