Rick Cutler’s Fifth Release ‘Women & Children’

This is the fifth release for the talented keyboardist, pianist, drummer and composer, Rick Cutler. ‘Women & Children’ offers the listener much depth with elements of jazz, classical and folk along with ensembles of varying sizes from solo to quintet. Rick Cutler also produced this album and I must say that it is fine work with something for everyone on this record.

‘Women & Children’ is solely written by Rick Cutler with the exception of one single on the album. All 12 tracks are perfectly executed as Rick has a way of gliding through each composition with ease. Rick has been playing drums since he was a kid and playing keyboards since his teens and later on would study at the Julliard School and with jazz icon Chick Corea. Cutler has gone on to write music for TV/Film/Radio and has even performed on numerous Broadway productions. With many accolades to his name already in the areas of music & arts, Rick Cutler is just getting warmed up!

DSP – https://www.amazon.com/Women-Children-Rick-Cutler/dp/B085QK4L6J

‘Women & Children’ is the latest installment for Rick and this album is rich in substance. The record starts up with a song titled “The Blues Matters” that kicks off with a smooth style that flows like butta! Next on “Etude”, it’s all about tickling the ivories as Rick Cutler plays the role of Piano Pro. Track three, “A Day’s Work”, is such a melodic piece that has a sort of special charm to it. Moving along, we hear “One For Ed” that swings just right in loving memory of Rick’s late father-in-law. Track five, “Green”, is a colorful number that has a simple, elegant touch overall. Next, we get to hear a wonderful cover of Tom Waits’ “Time” that supplies pleasant vocals by Charlotte Durkee to go along with an ever-so-delicate approach. Get ready for a relaxing stroll through “Paris After Midnight” where the musical waters are just fine, so jump on in! On track eight, “Hymn #4”, one will receive a soothing arrangement with flawless, precise strokes of the keys. “Japanese Mist” contains a magical, mystical vibe that instantly rushes over you. Track 10, “Dee Too”, is dedicated to Rick’s mother-in-law and is an upbeat tune with a big, bright sound and solid direction. Rick Cutler is setting the mood with a deep “Trance” that is sure to touch your soul. The album ends with the title track, “Women & Children”, that gives off an easy-breezy feel with top-notch instrumentation and is sure to brighten up your day!

‘Women & Children’ sounds like a hit album to me and I hope is a smashing success for Rick Cutler. Rick is working on another album due out in 2022 that revolves around children’s music accompanying poetry. With projects in the works, this busy bee is dead set on always putting out quality material for the masses. And with his recent release out as of July 24, 2020, ‘Women & Children’ will put a smile on your face and ignite your eardrums. The new album is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and most digital platforms, so grab your copy of ‘Women & Children’ today!


By Jimmy Rae (http://www.skopemag.com/?s=Jimmy+Rae)